Interview: Young 6ixx

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This man is coming to KL for Hennessy Artistry in June. Only 26 this year, the artist have shared stages with Lil’ Jon, Fatman Scoop, Bone Crusher, Ying Yang Twins, Fabolous and so many more as opening act. Born in Ingelwood, California, as Danny Johnson, Young 6ixx is now in Germany working with well-known German producers and DJs. He’s been busy writing, producing and touring to make his dream come true. We spoke to Young 6ixx about Twitter, cooking and West Coast.

Hey man. What do we call you? Young or 6ixx?
You can call me 6ixx.

Oh hi 6ixx. Where’d the name come from?
Well I originally started rapping in the battle scene and I went by the name of Six Shooter, but once I decided to make this a career, I knew I needed a name with meaning that couldn’t be categorised or handicap my talent. Now I have 6ixx rules, so to speak, to become successful that I live by.

Sound cool. Do you still consider yourself a Cali boy and what do you love and hate about the place?
Yes! I love California, being from the West Coast to me is an honour. It’s a very beautiful place. I love the opportunities you get from California, but I hate the perception of it from the outside.

We hear ya. Your Myspace says you’re the new sound of the West Coast. What does the West Coast represent to you?
The West Coast represents gangster of G-funk and hip hop. The West Coast was the first to represent and put our day to day life in the media with movies such as Menace to Society, Boyz in the Hoods and Baby Boy. These are true depiction’s of the lives we lead and go through every day.

Who are your main music influences?
2pac, Eminem, Jay-Z and Joe Budden.

Tell us about the mixtapes you have released.
It’s crazy. I have been featured on a lot of mixtapes, but I only released 4 myself. I started my career in ’05 and I’ve been travelling since then doing shows, so I rarely have time to record and put the mixtapes together, so the material I recorded are for singles and shows.

Sweet! How’s the album coming along?
The album is coming along good. The production is sounding great. I find that I am in another creative zone which I am really excited about and nervous at the same time. There is a lot of pressure, but I want it to be an all-rounder to complete the project. Then there is the business side to it that’s hectic, but overall I’m feeling good about it.

That’s good. You’ve opened for people like The Young Gunz, Lil Jon, Fatman Scoop, Bone Crusher, Ying Yang Twins and Fabolous. Who do you respect the most?
I respect anyone with a passion for their craft and truly care about what they are doing, and really want to entertain.

Word. You’ve been travelling the world. What or where has really grabbed your attention?
I just did a tour in Dubai, and it is really beautiful. I mean it is a place I can get used to, but I’d say Germany, because it is a great place to perform especially the fans who are very loyal and attentive to your shows and careers.

Any incidences where you felt “lost in translation”?
No, not really. It seems like I should have but nope, ‘cos mainly across the globe everyone speaks English, and I usually have a translator with me.

So this swine flu is kinda scary. You freaked out at all?
Yeah, anything that is a threat with no confirmed control is scary. I try to see where all the outbreaks are and access if I’m at a major risk. I mean it’s dangerous that it can possibly kill through the air. We need air to live! So there’s no real protection till there’s a cure. So I’m trying to stay safe and be aware.

Good. You were in the army for 4 years. Must have been tough. Tell us about it.
Well the army has it perks, but overall it is an organisation for those who like to be in a controlling situation. I can say the army gave me discipline and responsibility in life I didn’t have at first. It brings you together with a lot of different cultures and you get a chance to learn.

Yessur! If we wanted an army physique like yours, is there a short cut bunch of exercises we can do?
No! (Laughs) You have to be mentally strong first and determined!

Ok, we’ll try that. If you could do anything differently, what would it be?
I would’ve started my career earlier and crafted my talent.

Can you cook? And if so what’s your specialty?
Yes I can. I make an exquisite fettuccini alfredo and a great sauce for BBQ. I can also make good chicken too – fry or bake. Oh, and the best French toast.

Wow, you better cook us a meal when you’re in town. Are you on Twitter?
Yep make sure to follow me at and I’m on Facebook too. Search for ‘Young Sixx.’

Cool! Every artist has had a moment where they mess up and embarrass themselves. Relate yours.
I believe every artist at one time or another has forgotten his or her lyrics. At one of my first performances, I was so eager to get on stage and once the music started and I just went blank and forgot my whole first verse.

Ouch. Not cool. Anyways, what do you think about when you hear the word ‘Artistry’?
I think of skill and quality rather it be music, painting, or playing an instrument, just be good at what you do.

And how will you be taking your Hennessy?
(Laughs) I take my Hennessey with coke. If you drink, drink responsibly.

Watch out for Young 6ixx at the next invitation-only Hennessy Artistry to be held at Phuture, Zouk with local favourite Lapsap and hot hoochie mama DJ Yasmin on the decks on 4 June. Log onto to check 6ixx out and to find out more.

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