DJ Nikki – Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge

Image Johnnie Walker Malaysia

We are looking forward to your set at the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge party. Can you share with us what’s on your playlist for the night?

I’m looking forward to the party too. I will be spinning in the early hours so it won’t be head banging. Nice groovy house music and some electro surprises to light up the mood.

You are sharing deck duties with other international DJs for the highly anticipated night. Any surprises up your sleeves?

I’m really glad to play alongside so many big names. Looking forward to meeting them. Well as for the surprises, you’ll have to find out on the night.

Nikki, you were selected as one of Female’s Most Gorgeous People in 2010. Has that changed anything for you?

Definitely. It’s an honour for me to be in the list of Female’s Most Gorgeous People of 2010. I still can’t believe they put me in there coz there are many more gorgeous people around. But I’m really glad and thankful to FEMALE mag for the nomination. It makes my portfolio shine.

How privileged are you to be working with Johnnie Walker on their most important platform – “Step Inside the Black Circuit”?
I feel honoured to be able to work with a world class brand such as Johnnie Walker for this glamourous, sophisticated and stylish event before the wrap of 2011. “Step Inside” offers consumers insider access into the lifestyle of the world of racing that only the elite will ever experience which is the Black Circuit Lounge and the ultra VIP party experience, so I’m definitely proud and thankful for this opportunity given!

As one of Malaysia’s top female DJs, you’ve been a source of inspiration. Any pearls of wisdom for the bedroom DJs?

Firstly, thanks for the compliment. Well I think determination is of utmost importance if you want to make this as a career. There are so many DJs out there trying to make a living and what makes you stand out is being different. To be special, you gotta be different. And remember you can’t please a million people with one track so don’t get demotivated.

You won our JUICE DJ Quest back in 2007. How did that affect your career?

Tremendously. JUICE DJ Quest award had actually opened a path for me in this industry. I wouldn’t achieve so much without the award. JUICE has given me a lot of publicity and recognition that I needed as a DJ/artist. I’m proud to be given the title and it’s definitely a competition that the newcomers should try their luck in.

Do you still read JUICE? Who’s your favourite writer?

Yes of course! I don’t really have a favourite writer because I believe the whole of JUICE make a good team for the success of this magazine. Everyone plays a part in contributing to the night scene and keeping people updated regarding the nightlife in KL/Malaysia.

What’s next for Nikki?

I will be touring Japan in December. I always love to DJ there as I love learning about new cultures. I will do a daily blog while I’m there so stay tuned to my music page.

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