Interview: TRIMIX

Malaysian progressive trance group TRIMIX symbolizes the mixture of three different compounds into one, resulting in an ecstatic result. With this in mind, their sets are designed to be unique, exquisite and truly phenomenal. Set to bring a whole new experience in progressive trance, TRIMIX will be looking to conquer the dance floor at H-Artistry through some of the most infectious and addictive tunes the country has ever heard. But before that, JUICE caught up with the duo who discussed about their inspirations and their thoughts about the local scene.

For the benefit of folks who don’t know you, could you please introduce yourselves? Who’s in TRIMIX and what are your roles within the group?
We are a group of three; Droolotte Tasha, Samuel Dan and David Gary. For a DJ set, Drooloote Tasha will partner up with Samuel Dan to perform. All of us are the producer and the backbone of TRIMIX.

How long have you been producing music?
We’ve been involved with production since 18 years ago. [We] started off with producing and arranging music for local and regional production house for television and cinema commercials and also for local and international artists. For our passion in electronic dance music, we started only two years ago.

What’s your background in music?
All of us have different backgrounds. This includes studio trained and self-taught. But all three of us come from the music background. When Tasha was 14, she was given the chance to conduct an orchestra. David Gary is in the band; Altered Frequency and both him and Samuel are qualified sound engineers.

What inspired you in forming this style of music?
We have always opened our ears and mind for music from other countries and we love composing in different styles. Dance music is the kind of music we find interesting, challenging and uplifting. Therefore we have been producing this style and we’d love to drop it on the dance floor fresh from the studio to share our colors in the music industry. Goosebumps don’t lie.

Droolotte Tasha won the Ibiza Bedroom DJ championship a while ago. Has that changed anything for the group?
Definitely. When Tasha won the competition, both Tasha and Samuel attended the music production master class with Paul van Dyk in Ibiza. That’s the kick start for TRIMIX in music production and performing for a crowd.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?
Artists and producers include Paul Van Dyk, Woody Van Eyden, Dash Berlin, Scooter, Armand Van Helden, ATB, DJ Quicksilver, DJ Dean, Markus Schulz, Deadmau5, Armin Van Buuren. [We also enjoy]Gareth Emery, Ferry Corsten, Sander Van Doorn, Hardwell, Afrojack, Avicii, Arty, Wippenberg, W&W, Fedde Le Grand and loads more. We enjoy listening to all genres and every sound inspires us.

What’s the one place that you dream of playing at?
At a beach during a beautiful sunrise. Thin layer of orange above the horizon at the start of the sunrise

Where do you see yourself in the future?
In a big studio, with our favorite coffee (Arabica) producing and writing tracks, collaboration with local and international talented artists.

Do you think, with countless DJs entering the scene that electronic music has become mainstream? Do you feel like you are unique? Why?
We do feel we are unique as a group that combines both genders and work as one. We believe there is strength in unity.

Who would you like to work with if you had the chance? Locally and internationally?
We’ve worked with Fono and misterAriffin and we enjoyed and love every bit of it. We are currently working with a Germany label for our first release, really excited about that too. If opportunity comes, we look forward to work with names like Woody van Eyden, Benno de Goijj, Markus Schulz and Deadmau5, amongst others.

Which tune is your ‘guilty pleasure’?
Current tune would be our latest TRIMIX production – ID7 that involves a combination of progressive with trance and house elements with a touch of unexpected dubstep.

Catch Trimix at H-Artistry at Mist Club, Bangsar on Saturday 30 July 2011. To get your invite, visit