Interview: Tom Novi & Wally Lopez

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German dance legend Tom Novy needs no introduction. Co-producer of DJ Tomcraft. Novy took a swipe at global recognition with club monster ‘Your Body’ featuring Michael Marshall, and coupled with his Space residency and numerous radio and TV presenting stints, he’s well in demand. Dance music’s media darling and the house scene’s man of the moment Spanish DJ and producer and all around nice guy, Wally Lopez is the head honcho of La Factoria Discos in Spain and responsible for a lengthy discography of productions and remixes, famously reworking David Guetta’s Just A Little More Love. Now these two European titans throw their weight behind Toolroom Knight’s next instalment. JUICE grabbed its utility belt and Fraggle hat and got down to work.

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Hello guys, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. You have your new album out at the end of the month, tell us about it?
Tom We have mixed the new Toolroom compilation which is out in March. I really enjoyed mixing it as it gave me the chance to dig into my deeper underground stuff. And Toolroom is a fantastic label.
Wally It’s always good talking to you! My mix completely represents what I am spinning at the clubs at the moment.

How did you choose the tracks for the compilation?
T I selected my favourite tracks from my sets over the last few months. I wanted the mix to reflect where I am now as an artist.
W I just picked my favourite tracks of the moment and I put them all in.

What are your fave tracks on there?
T I like the Marusha Remix, the Kaliber track and of course the Dirt crew track.
W Well, I really love the Workidz track, the remix for Depeche Mode and my own Wideband tune.

What’s the strangest thing that has happened to you at a gig?
T So many strange things have happened to me over the years that it is difficult to name one! At the last Nature One Festival there was a young girl who asked me if she could pee behind me! That was kinda strange.
W The strangest are usually the filthiest, so I guess most of them I can’t tell you here. When you work from 2am to 8am it’s quite normal for strange things to happen….

How do you describe the music that you’re bringing out right now and where do you look for inspiration?
T I skipped the whole electro-wave scene and look more to tech-house. I really like tracks with build-ups and I love true house music. I get my inspiration from life in general. It could be a song on the radio on the way to the airport, or anything that happens around me.
W I always try to respect both myself as an artist and the crowd; I always install lots of energy in the music and mixes. My inspiration is coming lately from so many new names on the scene that refreshes my sets every week. Also supporters and fans are helping me out so much.

What makes you groove?
T Good music.
W Music and love.

Have you ever had to take a massive risk musically?
W When I was 13 and doing very well at school, there was no professional DJ scene in Spain. Then I decided to stand up to my parents and quit it all, just because I wanted to dedicate all my life, 24-7 to a dream – I think that was a big risk! And also now, because I am playing more underground than ever and some people still expect to hear my ‘Just A Little More Love’ track.

Name three of your biggest influences.
W Yoshitoshi’s 90s records; Armand van Helden heavily influenced me when I made all that speed garage stuff; and at the moment, H Foundation and all the Siesta Crew stuff, it’s really influenced me a lot.
T God, life and Adrian.

Who do you think is going to blow us away this year?
W Patric La Funk and Ismael Rivas.
T Hmm … I hope there is a period of non-commercial music coming. I can´t stand all the remakes and the four-to-the-floor electro basslines anymore. A young new talent we should watch out for is Jerome Isma-ae and of course Miss Abigail Bailey – they are both fantastic!

What piece of kit can you not live without?
W My laptop and now my Blackberry. Why is it blackberry when mine is silver?
T My laptop.

What was the last book you read?
T Daniel Kehlman, Die Vermessung the Welt (Measuring The World)
W Why We Want You to Be Rich by Donald Trump.

What’s your most treasured possession?
T A ring from my mother.
W Not my most expensive possession … but I have to say one of my bags. I don’t want to mention the brand but I take it everywhere and I look after it as if it were a baby.

Share something you’ve never shared in an interview before?
T I can scratch really good!
W I want to marry Mark Knight. J

Toolroom Knights’ latest compilation, a double CD mixed by Tom Novy and Wally Lopez respectively is out now. This interview was published in the April 2008 issue of JUICE.