Interview: The Bloody Beetroots

When Future Sound Asia announced that The Bloody Beetroots were coming to KL we were ecstatic. Now having spoken with one half of The Bloody Beetroots (DJ Tommy Tea is the other Beetroot), we are a little afraid. Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo’s mind is a dark place and his music is a filthy mix of fidget house and warped electro house, and he’s taking over the world one record at a time. It all started with the Cornelius EP which went on to become one of 2008’s Top 100 International iTunes download. In August this year, The Bloody Beetroots released their first ever studio album Romborama featuring lead single ‘Warp’ featuring Steve Aoki of Dim Mak Records. We spoke to the skull with skin, he spits venom on his Chrissie plans, his hardcore punk project, Silvio Berlusconi and death. Cheery stuff…..

Hello. Where are you right now?
At home with a strong coffee and cigarette.

Beetroot isn’t a traditional Italian root vegetable. So why Bloody Beetroots and not say, Ripe Olives or Luscious Tomatoes?
Pure word architecture so it’s easy to source on the Internet.

Clever. What’s up with the Venom masks? Did you both have some disfiguring accident or are you worried you’re so good looking folks won’t take you seriously?
We are two skulls without skin.

Urk. Not so nice. Steve Aoki and Dim Mak Records have done much to catapult European electronic artists into international consciousness. What do you like about being part of that family?
I love Steve. He’s my brotha. He really gets it.

Cool. So what the heck is Romborama? It sounds like a Mondo film title.
It’s a Mondo film title with a destructive anarchic aftertaste.

Aha! So we were right! Romborama is one killer record. What did you vibe off when you were making this record?
My brain is a complex place and pretty confused. Romborama is complex and confused. It’s a product of my brain.

It also features some of our favourite artists like Cool Kids and The Locust. It’s even great to see the super talented J*DaVeY on Romborama! How did you guys hook up?
I wanted a sexy voice for a track that sounds like Italo Disco meets John Carpenter.

Tell us a little bit about each other?
We still haven’t been formally introduced so we don’t talk to each other out of respect.

You’ve had one helluva year. With 2009 coming to an end what can you say about it?
It’s almost over.

Your Prime Minister has made some crazy comments this year. Care to comment yourself?
He should try cleaning toilets. He needs some perspective.

According to your Myspace page you are both into comic books; who is the best superhero/comic book character of all time and why?
Ranxerox. He’s my father.

And your current obsession is?

Bobby, tell us more about your old school hardcore punk project Rifoki with Steve Aoki?
The first single ‘Zombie Attack’ will come out April 7 with artwork by Marc MacCoy of Charles Bronson.

Nice. You are performing in KL for New Year’s Eve, what’s are you doing for Christmas?
Eating Christmas cake and turkey.

Any New Year wishes or resolutions?
Give in to chaos for that is where you will find your true self.

Big ups to Future Sound Asia for the hook-up. Check out Future with The Bloody Beetroots live at KL Live (Life Centre) on 31 December. Romborama is out now at only the finest record stores. Now listen to em at For more ticket deets, head over here.

Image Future Sound Asia