Interview: Surecut Kids

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Junior Kid and Boozy B (formerly known as Kid Kaos) of Surecut Kids are hitting our shores end of the month to perform at Chain Reaction in Republic. In their MySpace, they referred to their music as Italian pop, Christian rap and flamenco. Expect 4 turntables and a MPC for this very visual show you will be witnessing. The 2 ‘walking house parties’ have shared stage with big names like Diplo, MIA, Pase Rock, Justice, Chemical Brothers, Midnight Juggernauts and even Vanilla Ice. If that doesn’t show that they’ve got talent up their sleeves, then what does? JUICE decided to hit them up with an e-mail to see what’s up with Surecut Kids. Here’s one half of Surecut Kids, Mike Perry aka Junior Kid.

What was the last thing you ate?
Eggs Benedict.

How did you guys meet?
In high school, we were in the same class for surfing. I never used to like Benji (Boozy B) in high school for some reason. (Laughs) But we ended up becoming better friends after we graduated.

Who are your biggest influences in music?
Z-Trip, Krafty Kuts, A-Trak and all the turntablist guys that can rock a party. Basically anyone who is pushing the boundaries.

What can we expect from a Surecut Kids gig?
Anything goes at a Surecut gig! There will be dancing, party tunes from different genres and some turntable tricks. It will be like you’re at an awesome house party.

Ok, you gotta tell us what it was like to share a stage with Vanilla Ice.
A real let down. We thought it was gonna be a fun blast from the past, but things have obviously changed for him over the years.

Who’s your favourite person to work with musically?
There’s a hip hop band over here called The Winnie Coopers who are awesome to work with on stage and in the studio. And our good friend DJ Cutloose is our favourite DJ to join forces with.

How about the worst?
Vanilla Ice.

What was it like to perform at Bread and Butter on the Gold Coast and Uber in Brisbane?
Awesome! They treat us really well, we can play whatever we like and the crowds are open to different music. Bread and Butter feels like you’re at home in your lounge room!

If you get to switch places with each other, what do you want from the other?
We always want each other to drive us home from our late gigs. One of us is always falling asleep at that time of night.

Dogs or cats?

Any expectations of Malaysia?
I’ve only been to the airport there for 7 hours so I’m hoping to see a little bit more this time. Benji has been there once before but we are both just really excited for the unknown!

What’s next for Surecut Kids?
Straight after Malaysia we are doing a little tour of Sydney. Then, continuing to work on our remixes of the Winnie Coopers songs. Right after that it should be just about festival season!

Surecut Kids will be performing at Republic on Saturday 27 June for Chain Reaction from 9pm onwards. Free entry yo! Check them out at