Interview: Riva Starr

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Riva Starr is one of the most sought after DJ/producers of 2k10. After breaking through on the blogosphere and with more remixes and productions than you can shake a stick at – although I don’t really know anyone who shakes sticks at things – no artist is safe, from The Doors, The Gossip, to Fatboy Slim and if you’ve spent any time on the dancefloor this year, you’ve most likely rocked out to ‘I was drunk’  by the man himself. Decktime Stories brings us an interview with Mr. Starr who lets us in on the secret behind his sound and what he’s doing to prep for his gig at Milk this coming Friday.

Interview Text: DeckTime Stories

Congratulations on winning the title of the Best Breakthrough at the DJ Awards. What was your first reaction when they first announced it?
I ‘moon walked’ all around the stage.

Do you personally think that your sounds are breakthrough worthy?
I hope so! Working hard to get my own sound… I always like to mix it up, and never like to do the same thing over and over.

What does winning the title of Best Breakthrough mean to you?
I’m happy about that but the fans response is what counts the most for me! So it was great because it’s technically an award from my fans.

You have been in the music scene for quite awhile now but recently won the Best Breakthrough title, how has your music evolved over the years?
It has evolved a lot as my initial style of music consisted of breaks and drum and bass. I spent the first couple years experimenting with different genres trying to find the right sound.

What are some of the other things you’ve achieved this year?
Managed to to launch my new label SNATCH! It’s like having a child if you know what I mean. I am really happy with it. We have some great releases on it too. I’m also currently working on a my side project called Starr Traxx.

You give a lot of credit to online blogs for spreading the word about your music, do you think that independent blogs could one day replace the usual traditional media in the future?
I don’t think they will. And I don’t think they should either because they can lose credibility due to their lack of proper media practice. I just think online blogs and sites are the best democratic way to spread the word.

Why do you label your music as comedy house anyways?
Cause I like FUN! And I don’t like to take myself to seriously.

How else could you describe your style besides being comedy house?

What’s your recipe for a kick a** track?
Good idea, fat sounds, and weird editing.

Where do you get the best inspiration when it comes to producing?
Watching the white wall.

Your tagline, “If life gives you lemons, you make lemonade” makes you sound like a really optimistic person, are you really one?
Of course! I am 100% an optimistic person.

Define a good day in your books.
As long as there’s a big fat sun outside my window, I’m happy.

What’s the best cure for a really bad day?
A good plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce and Birra Peroni.

Before you arrive here in Kuala Lumpur for your gig, what do you honestly know about it?
Not too much to be honest but I am reading a lot to get myself ready. You will be able to ask me any question about history, religion, philosophy, girls and the club scene by the time I get there.

What can the fans and people who don’t know who you are expect from your set here?
Just have a look here at what you guys can expect from my set and also peek my latest work.

Riva Starr will be playing at Milk Club, Bangsar, this 3 Friday December, all event details here. Check Riva Starr’s myspace or follow him on twitter for more!.

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