Interview: Rico Cruz

At JUICE we’ve come to learn about the music, the DJs- the producers and the organisers even but what about the man behind the scenes? Rico Cruz, General Manager of Euphoria Ministry of Sound talks about his wild days back in Vegas and what his current title holds for him.

Hello, how are you doing today?
I am feeling fabulous, how about you?

Feeling nosy! We’d love to ask when it comes to clubs; it’s always about the DJs, the music and the drinks. So excuse us and tell us what goes on behind the scenes as a GM?
Many people have this idea that GMs just party and have a good time at clubs. This is the farthest from the truth. We budget, forecast, coordinate and spend tons of hours during the day to ensure a simple 6 hour night goes without any problems.

What were you doing before becoming Euphoria’s big cheese?
I was GM for an ultra-lounge in Hawaii and got hired to work in Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino for the famous Rum Jungle nightclub corporation in Vegas, however a $25 million dollar entertainment center being built in Miami (Karu&Y) stole me away so that I could spearhead that project.

What’s the worst that has happened on the job? We’re assuming it isn’t easy, so your bulls**t tolerance level must be pretty high.
I have many situations on a daily basis. That is what keeps me interested and on my toes all the time, the inability to predict what will happen on a given day. The worst thing that happened to me was an all out fight on South Beach, Miami with Bad Boys, Cash Money Millionaires and a Haitian Drug gang. Boys will be boys.

Any perks?
I never wait for a table at any restaurant. I get to meet tons of people and enjoy an incredible network.

How did you go from being at Vegas to KL?
Our International DJ (and Music Director) Patrick Oliver, was the amazing DJ that I hired to handle all DJs/acts and systems at Karu&Y. When Ministry of Sound called him to come out here, he called me.

Awesome! Any thoughts of opening your own club one day with all that experience behind you?
No question, it is going to happen. I have gotten many calls and options to open a couple. I am just waiting for the right club, time and area.

What would it be called?
Serendipity (which means a fateful chance).

If you could have anyone party on a Friday night at Euphoria, who would it be? Pick 5 people.
Bill Clinton, David Guetta, Jennifer Aniston, Carmen Electra and Patrick Oliver (+ my Fiance).

If you were a DJ at Euphoria for a day, which night would you be spinning at and what music would it be?
That would be Friday night, playing more contemporary, commercial house music where everyone knows the words to the songs and just dances all night long.

Your DJ name would be…
Rico Suave.

What are the misconceptions about your job?
I work more hours during the day than I do at night. The game is won in the preparation and that is how I look at running a nightclub.

Where will you go from here? What’s in store for the future?
Ensuring MOS is the top club in KL and bringing the top 10 DJ’s in the world to KL

Where will we be able to spot you when we are at Euphoria?
DJ booth, holding a nice cold Mojito in my hand

Lastly, what’s your JUICE?
The kind that keeps you going and makes ya’ smile. Hmm… sex maybe?

Spot Rico and his mojitos at Euphoria, Ministry of Sound. For more info log on to Fan mail can be sent to [email protected].