Interview: Omid 16B

Omid 16B’s performance in Milk Club tonight hosted by Ohrwurm will mark his 3rd appearance in KL. The Iranian maestro who isn’t content with just being a DJ/producer, is also a songwriter and musician who’s been playing a wide range of musical instruments from a young age. He successfully heads labels in the likes of SexOnWax, Disclosure and Alola and has had long working relationships with Brit dance icons Desyn and Demi. His latest releases include a double disc collection Sounds Like Alola Volume 1 mixed by the man himself while Volume 2 of the compilation has been given the Demi touch. He has also recently released his single, ‘Rain/The Passion Of Zorro’ under John Digweed’s Bedrock label. Deck Time Stories managed to squeeze in a little Q&A session with Omid 16B. Checkout what he has to say about staying relevant in today’s scene, the re-introduction of Alola Records and more after the jump.

Interview + Text Deck Time Stories

What are the secrets to your musical longevity“?
Be honest with yourself and take your own advice more than anyone else’s and don’t spend too much time in the studio, go out and have fun with your friends and meet new people. Exercise and make sure the first thing you do when you wake up is smile and accept yourself for who you are.

We do that every day! What are the challenges that goes into selecting tracks for a compilation?
Making sure it reflects your personality and the sound is very important so you have to be extremely attentive to a lot of factors in selecting the right tracks. There is so much to choose from so there should be no excuses to why you’re not happy with the final selections.

How does your personality reflect through your music?
It’s very similar; both constantly change and evolve.

What does Alola stands for now and for the future?
Alola is a way of thinking and feeling opposed to just being a record label. Its idea is to allow one’s creation to fall true to one’s desires without holding anything back. We will release a lot of new material in the new year to explain our way of understanding what the scene needs rather than trying to make loads of money. We want the best music for the people and that’s why we have all the back catalogues coming through in bit by bit with compilations mixed by DJs with the same mission.

Give us five reasons why we should get ‘Rain/Passion of Zorro‘.
It’s true, passionate, progressive, sublime and sexy.

What’s your collaboration wish list?
Luciano is one of my heroes at the moment; he’s totally underground and has pure passion for what he does.

What’s THE track that turned you to the EDM scene?
‘Chime’ by Orbital.

What is your most prized possession?
My Roland Juno 60; can’t live without it and after almost 18 years, it still kicks ass more than anything else out there.

What about your favourite chit chat chums?
I have the best conversations with my best friend and partner in SOS (SexOnSubstance), Demi. He is a wonderful and loving soul who is always eager and has deep thoughts on anything we talk about. Love him forever! Having said that, my mom is also my best friend who has taught me everything.

Any hot summer plans?
I’m going to head to Bali and relax before I hit Ibiza for all the madness. It’s from one extreme to another.

Any words for your fans before they see you tonight?
A big shout out to the Malaysian Massive! Get ready and don’t forget to put your dancing shoes on!

Ohrwurm presents Omid 16B at Milk Club will be supported by Bryan Burger and Andrew. Visuals are done by The Man Called Uncle. Free entry for ladies before 12midnight, RM35 after, men RM45 incl. 1 drink. For reservations, call 012 326 2200 or 012 309 7811.