Interview: Norman Doray

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Norman Doray aka Jérémy Lecarour picked up the art of DJing in his hometown in the west of France in 2002 after listening to Bob Sinclar and Daft Punk. After the release of ‘In The Name Of Love’, his first prog house production with friend Pierre De La Touche in 2006, the pair teamed up with Arno Cost to become The Freshmakers and soon produced their own summer anthem ‘Let It Go’. Norman’s first solo production ‘Jetlag’ came a year after and he’s since kept crazy busy with plenty of collabos including with David Guetta. The Frenchman has also been destroying dancefloors around the world-including at the renowned Pacha party F*ck Me I’m Famous in Ibiza-with his ‘Woz Not Woz’ remix with Eric Prydz and Steve Angello. The once-pro surfer spared a bit of time to speak to JUICE.

When did you realise that you had made it as a DJ and how did you celebrate?
I don’t know if I’ve “made it” yet, but the day I started to earn money and survive on my income from DJing, I realised I was very lucky. I don’t think I celebrated though. The thought of this ending one day scares me.

How have your skills evolved as a DJ?
I’ve been doing this job professionally for 5 years now and many things have changed. Before I was more of a DJ than a producer, but now I’m so happy and confident in the studio as well. I worked my @ss off for that and today I’m happy. When you work every day, you always improve yourself.

What’s the best thing about your job?
The best thing is meeting people from all over the world all the time, and the travelling and discovering different cultures. This is priceless!

What did you want to be when you were little?
When I was really young, I really wanted to be a superhero-saving people and stuff. Then I wanted to be an archaeologist and an astronaut. I was so bad at mathematics, so I became a DJ and producer (laughs).

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done onstage?
I think it would have to be eating a pizza while I was playing (laughs). I was really late one day and I didn’t have time to eat before the gig, so the promoter asked me if I wanted pizza onstage. I must admit it was quite funny and a bit dirty too! (laughs)

What do you think of people like David Guetta and Paul Oakenfold reaching out to the commercial audience with their albums?
I think it’s good. I’ve been making “underground” music since I started and David did the same for a long time too. But when you want to reach higher and play your music to the masses, you have to make commercial music with easy vocals and simple melodies. That’s just the game. For me, there is no shame in doing this. David is today’s #1 and I’m so proud of him.

Who’s your favourite DJ friend?
I don’t really know. I have a lot of close DJ friends I talk to every day like Arno Cost, Tristan Garner, Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell. But now I’m really close with Dirty South. I visited him in Melbourne on my tour in February. I like this guy; he is so talented.

Where do you see the dance music scene heading?
USA is becoming biggggg!!! Guetta changed the music there for sure, and now all the new rnb and hip hop artists want to be involved in electronic music. It’s crazy. I think Asia is also the next big place for electronic music.

Do you still buy music CDs?
Sometimes. It’s the only thing I really love and want to keep doing forever. But if I’m not buying CDs, I’m buying every track on Beatport. We need to.

I have the same Topman tee as yours in your MySpace profile photo. Are you fashion savvy?
(Laughs) Really? You’re the first person who’s told me this. Yeah, I love fashion and I spend too much of my money on them. I’m a fan of t-shirts.

What’s your drink of choice?
For relaxing, a good glass of red wine ’cause I’m French. To party, a vodka cranberry.

How often do you tweet?
I don’t know. I must admit that I try to tweet at least once a day. It’s a bit like a drug (laughs).

Any tips on being a superstar DJ like you?
(Laughs) Thanks. Not sure what superstar means, but my tips are: you can drink as much as you want provided you go to the gym every day. Gym helps a lot when you’re travelling and for jetlag. Believe me, it works.

Looking forward to the World Cup this year?
Oh yeah! And I’m really worried for my country. I think we’re not ready at all. I fancy Spain as winners!

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?
Even more tracks ’cause I’m so productive in the studio right now, and also a lot of gigs globally. If you’re around, try to catch me.

Norman Doray jets into town on Friday 7 May 2010 for a DJ set at Zouk. Check him out at and or follow him at

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