Interview: Muxu

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Muxu is Se To Eu Seng and Huat Liang. You might not have heard of the electronica duo but JUICE has. Not least because Eu Seng is JUICE’s designer. Not that we’re biased or anything. Muxu also happen to be nature lovers we love nature too) and their debut release Above Us, A Clear Summer Sky is easily one of the best local releases last year. We um, tracked them down (by walking across the office floor) and got the inside story.

Interview Lim Kok Kean
Images Muxu

How did Muxu came about?
Muxu is actually a room recording music project. Both meet during weekends, we chill in a room and using computer software and guitar effects, we experiment. We spent the whole year of 2006 discussing production so we started recording some tracks, which eventually ended up on our debut album Above Us A Clear Summer Sky.

Despite its launch here last year, it’s still under the radar. What gives?
We didn’t really make any plans to promote it except, voa word of mouth to friends and through myspace. We didn’t do any live gigs as we hadn’t prepared any tracks for that – it’s just bits and pieces. Still, we’re looking forward to live performances in the future.

Having said that, we hear you have an international fanbase already.
We released an EP on US-based net label, Monotonik in September 07. It’s titled Show Us Your Weak Side, and is downloadable for free. The EP did gain us some warm feedback from Russia and China, and we did a remix for a Portuguese electronica band- called Norton. So as far as awareness is concerned, it certainly looks more promising now.

The album sounds like a soundtrack to an imaginary film; was this intentional?
Above Us A Clear Summer Sky is a soundtrack of a day in one’s life. The 1st to 3rd track have a morning feel, the 4th to 7th track sets an afternoon or evening mood, and the 8th to the last track gives an idea of when the day gets darker. It’s a cycle of a day from the arrangement to the chording we make.

The tracks seem inspired by nature, why is that?
Nature is interesting, the way it sometimes clears your head. Looking up at the sky, watching the wind blow across a field, the tuneful sound of bird chirps – it’s something to look forward to. During the recording period, we became more observant of nature, especially as it’s in complete contrast with to living in the city, so with this album we hope to make people realise that nature’s a wonder that shouldn’t be neglected. At the very least it kept us feeling upbeat. It’s really a positive thing.

Name 3 things Muxu do on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Make tunes and record stuff, chat about music and life, go for a beer.

What does Muxu mean?
Muxu is the Chinese word for clover, which is a pretty tiny plant with trifoliate leaves and is believed to bring you good luck. J

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This interview was published in the March 2008 issue of JUICE.