Interview: Mr. Fluff

Whatever the pseudonym Mr Fluff aka Bo will always be known as the guy with the afro hairdo. Half of CosmicSpaceMunkys (the other half being Joey G) Mr Fluff has as many talents as names and that’s saying something: sing, play the guitar and DJ, he checks all off his list! His funky blues and pop sound will soundtrack some candle blowing. Performing at the JUICE birthday party for the 2nd time and only his 1st solo, we asked him to fill out the necessary documentation.

I am Mr. Fluff because… of my hair. It’s easy to remember and my girlfriend loves that moniker.

I think DJs are… awesome because they play what they like in a club. (laughs)

When I DJ, I… want to see the crowd go nuts!

I see music as… a form of expression. We are lifeless without it. I think.

I dig music that… makes me pull off a fulamak face as I go “wow! I want this track.”

When I was younger, I listen to… what my dad plays in the car because… it’s his car.

My mission to success is… to be heard and have my tracks played by big international names. That’ll be awesome!

The local music scene is… growing by the day. It’s definitely getting somewhere.

I will let go of my ‘fro if… the trade was 21 million pounds or if the weather is getting too hot.

My ego is… got meh?

I hate… being broke.

I like… the defunct ‘rainbow sherbet’ from Baskin Robbins

Girls are… cute, pretty and gorgeous when they are not drunk. (laughs)

When I am hungry, I… order from the mamak downstairs or get a McChicken.
My favourite juice mix is… watermelon and kiwi. What?

This year, Mr. Fluff will… release an album.

I think this is… awesome because it’s in JUICE!

There’s a lot of ways to check out Mr. Fluff. Head over to, and also for more.