Interview: Melissa Indot + Eric Kupper

Our own beloved Melissa Indot will be taking the stage with Eric Kupper, the producer/DJ behind some of the most delightful remixes from Ms. Indot, this Friday 26 November at Marketplace. The duo gives us the insider info on the champagne party and what’s next for these artists.

So tell us about the upcoming show? What inspired it?
Eric: I first remixed “Starlight” from Melissa’s last album early last year.  We then played together at Zouk in KL in May of 2009 to launch the remix.  We had a great time together and both knew there would be future collaborations.  Since then we have been in touch constantly and I have remixed 2 more singles from that album.
Melissa: Eric & I are both driven by the same music elements – great beats, a good feeling and hooky melodies. That aside, we just simply ‘gel-ed’ when we met.

What can we expect from the show?
E: Great music, great fun.  I think that sums it up.  Anything more necessary?
M: An explosive combination! 😉

Is this the first time you guys are performing live together? What have you been doing to prepare for the show? Anything you’re nervous about?
E: Er, no it’s not….hehe.  May of last year we did the Zouk performance.  I tend to be very spontaneous when I perform; not much preparation at my end.  I am rarely nervous about performances.  I’ve been at this a while.
M: I am the complete opposite to Eric – I am ALWAYS nervous before a performance! But I haven’t clocked-in as many hours as Eric. Spontaneity and adrenaline is what I’ll be running on , on the night – it worked last May the last time we performed together so I’m sure it’ll work again

Is there any upcoming collaboration that we should be looking out for?
E: Melissa and I have been talking about getting in the studio sometime to do some work from scratch rather than just remixing.  We are both excited at the prospect.

M: Eric’s done 2 more remixes for me due out mid Dec on the Fierce Angel label. If you come to the gig, you may get to hear them for the very first time, but LIVE! Remixes aside, who knows what fresh NEW stuff Eric & I will come up it while he’s here this time around…

We hear you have a clothing line coming up, Melissa – can you tell us a bit about it?
M: Yes indeed! I’ve teamed up with mate of mine Nadia (one half of the DJ duo TWINKIES) to start our very own music and pop culture inspired tee-shirt line called Pop.Muse.Sic. Along with that we are also bringing in 2 super cool tee shirt brands from the USA which are available for purchase at our online store.

We are still finalising the designs for our own tee line – the first range will only consist of 5 exclusive limited edition designs and each purchase will be coupled with a very interesting bonus… which I can’t mention yet. For the time being please do join our facebook page and check out our blog. You can also follow us on twitter.

When can we expect your album of covers that you’re currently working on? Any personal favourites you’ve recorded so far?
M: The album of covers is currently on hold as I have had to re-prioritise things what with working on the new tee shirt line and finishing of my next solo album. I will say however that I do have a soft spot for my re-work of Zero 7 / Sia’s “DESTINY'” that I submitted for the Zero 7 remix competition which unfortunately I did not win. Thanks anyway to you guys at Juice for spreading the word and to all those of you who voted for my remix entry! You can grab your free download at my soundcloud page!

Are you excited to come to KL, Eric? What do you think about the crowd here?
E: I am excited indeed!  Last time I came the crowd was really cool and appreciative.  I’m looking forward to a great party….

What are you up to these days? What’s next for you?
That’s a loaded question…haha.  Lot’s of travel on the horizon.  This year alone I’ve been to Korea (twice), Japan, Russia (3 times), Australia, England, France, The Philippines, Dominican Republic (3 times), as well as various spots in the US…  It’s been quite full on.  I’m also working on a bunch of projects in the underground as well as the world of pop…  These include remixes of major artists, a series of collaborations with the Godfather of House Music Frankie Knuckles called “The Director’s Cut.”  We have done many remixes under that name as well for the likes of Whitney Houston, The Jacksons, and Depeche Mode, among others.  Also some real pop stuff in the works….details coming soon.

Eric Kupper and Melissa Indot Live in KL happens 26 November at Marketplace. For tickets and more info, head over to the website.