Interview: Lovefoxxx

CSS’ pretty Luísa Hanaê Matsushit, better known as Lovefoxxx is coming to town. We grabbed this quirky girl of CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) who is dating Klaxon’s Simon Taylor-Davis for an interview, and we talked about sequins, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, Top Chef and even Beyoncé. Let’s get down to business.

Hello. We’re JUICE. But you must have named yourself after us cause we’re a Lovefoxx too. Truly though, what is a Lovefoxxx?
Before the band became my main occupation, I used to do illustrations, and since I didn’t want to sign my stuff with my real name, I became Lovefoxx. When the band started it was just natural to keep it. Since there are 2 Luisas on board – me, LUI*S*A and LUI*Z*A, who plays guitar and cow bell.

We love your outfits, what are you gonna be dragging out of the closet for your KL gig? It’s mighty hot here.
Thanks! But you know what… for DJ gigs I wear my regular clothes. I think they are still pretty good too, but not as fun as the others… Sorry.

Aww, don’t be. Your sequined outfits are the bomb, but they must leave a sparkly trail wherever you go, where’s the weirdest place you’ve found a stray sequin?
That’s a great question because I do find them everywhere. I really wish I could say “I found it on my nose” but no. The furthest it went was inside my wallet or a sock!

What are your latest fashion purchases, or anything you’re totally loving right now?
Nicholas Kirkwood shoes! They are a dream! Quite hard to walk but it’s worth the effort! And I bought a Balenciaga suit (the ones with the weird shoulder) 4 months ago that I’m still proud of when I look at it! I try to use (it) as many times as possible but sometimes it’s hard because I can’t lift my arms high enough when I’m with it. But who needs to lift an arm?

Speaking of love, are you a Mrs now?
Not yet!

Will you and Simon Taylor of Klaxons ever make beautiful music together?
We are always so busy with our bands that when we have time off, we wanna go to the beach, eat pineapples and watch Top Chef (Bravo TV show).

Any other famous people in your phone book?
I hate cellphones. I’m more into emails!

You’re well known for stage diving. Is there a technique? We’ve seen Shitdisco stage dive in a chair, how extreme can you go?
Once we played in Vancouver there was one of those “energy drink” displays that are as big as a surfing board you know? I use it as if I was surfing, but I wasn’t standing on it with my feet. I was like “body boarding”?

The new album came out last year, so what else did you get up to in 2008?
Cooking! And this year I’m doing two courses at Le Cordon Bleu! I love cooking! My specialty is risotto, quiche and carrot cake!

How did you get around to being a DJ?
Before CSS played any shows, we used to have a party in São Paulo where all of us DJed. It was so much fun! It happened twice a month! And by being on CSS, people always asked for us to spin some records… I’m very excited about it!

Are your sets anything like your own music?
The things I play are all fun music that I like to dance to! I love very extreme pop songs. 90’s indie guitar music, girl bands, 80’s music, the whole Flashdance album, I love drag queen music, Afrika Bambaataa, rock ‘n rolllll, and electro because it’s a crowd pleaser. I have a very gay taste for dance music!

What are you most inspired by musically?
The Divas like Shakira, Beyoncé and Ru Paul! I like girls who rap too.

What’s rotating in your iPod?
I’ve been listening to lots of Brazilian music like Novos Baianos and Jorge Benjor! And La Roux!

Before some hooligan / hero threw a shoe at Bush, you already felt a shoe in the face in Brighton (sorry to hear that), if you were to throw a shoe at someone who would it be, and what would you throw?
It sucked when someone threw a shoe at my face. I honestly wouldn’t throw anything on anyone. I’d rather stay in the comfort of my house doing whatever.

When you’re not Lovefoxx, who are you and what do you get up to?
It’s not that I’m Beyoncé and then she becomes Sacha fierce… I am Lovefoxxx all the time! The behaviour changes, but it happens to everyone. When you are having dinner with your parents you are never the same as when you are laughing with your friends. I love stickers (but not street art ones) and I love stationery… I think it’s one of my favorite things. I love buying pens, pencils, paper clips and folders!!!

What do you think when you look at yourself in the mirror every morning?
It depends on the day… Some days I think “I gotta drink at least 2 litters of water today!” and sometimes “I wonder if these freckles will all become moles because of the toxic rays of sunlight” or “I’m so glad I moisturised my face yesterday because I look great today”.

What are your plans for 2009 and what can we expect from CSS?
CSS will take time off this year! We need to chill and have new experiences. We need to be a bit more retarded and have fun. It’s very crazy in my mind when I realize “I need to have fun to become inspired”. And it’s true. Because (the more) fun I have, the better the songs for the 3rd record will be! So my plan for this year is to have loads of fun!

Catch Lovefoxxx of CSS in action at Zouk on March 21st on a Saturday. Log on to for more details.