Interview: Kruder & Dorfmeister

Back when you were still lying in your cradle, Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister were already making headway on the continental dancefloors with their heady downtempo brew and their sturdy G-Stone imprint. Sixteen f**king years of countless mixes (including the seminal K & D Sessions for !K7), remixes and DJ sets later, these two are every bit renowned and respected – as solo artists and as a duo – for their forward thought and action. We score time with Mr D, who looks back in love and freak power.

Text Min Chen
Interview + Images Courtesy of Avalon

It’s been 16 years of G-Stone! How were the celebrations for you?
Fantastic – it was great to scan the big G-stone catalogue and release the 16 F**king Years compilation. At the same time, we also rented a big rehearsal hall and built up the new LED system to develop the new visual show – lots of work but worth the effort. The shift from improvised DJ-system show to a fully rehearsed live performance really is working out. It’s good to give a much more personal picture by playing the G-stone sound, rather than just music by other people.

Must be somewhat poignant to see how far G-Stone has come…
It was a natural progression of things and I am happy that we are still doing it with same enthusiasm as we did it in the early ’90s. I think it has to do with freak power – the manic love of music – and that all out decisions come out of the idea that if it feels right, then it’s okay. And it’s always nice to realise how much the K & D Sessions album has done: there are always people coming and saying that this album still has been the soundtrack to their life. And that’s the best compliment you can get!

And in the K & D camp itself, how have you guys kept things fresh and interesting after these many years?
I think we are just maniacs and we will always be motivated just by the power of the music. Just the fact that you refresh yourself with every DJ set you play has already such an intensive power. And then we just love it!

As dance and electronic veterans, what do you guys make of the newest movements in dance music?
We check out all kinds of new music. A good inspiration has always been Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show – he was the guy who supported us from the start and it is a pleasure following his constant search for new music and styles. It’s very important as well to go out and see what the other DJs are playing. If I hear a new dub-infused track that I can fit into my set, I feel the same motivation that I had 20 years ago… Freak power again!

Right on! Being part of K & D sounds like a blast…
To be able to satisfy other people with our philosophy of sound is always great. It’s a certain attitude to life and it seems that some people have trust in our thing. And it’s true that if something is labeled K&D, it will definitely not be the usual commercial thing – it will be special!

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