Beer Stories wt. Kelvin Oon aka DJ Chaseylain of TAG

Kelvin Oon, veteran-photographer by day, Twilight Actiongirl DJ by night. A man who knows that great stories and great beer go together like nude-campfires and pink marshmallows.

The party-instigator claims that his beer experiences are mostly modest and have never really taken a walk on the wild side. That’s absolutely debatable! JUICE puts him to the test over a couple of nice ones and finds out the philosophy behind his partying ways

Describe your relationship with beer?
Very philosophical. One cold bottle in hand is better than a whole crate behind the bar. Also, some dude once said, “To know sweet, you have to taste bitter”.

How was your first drinking experience?
Probably too young or under-aged to recall.

What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a cold one?
Ran out of money for cab fare; refilled mug from strangers’ jugs.

You lady friend dislikes your bar hopping ways. How do you change her mind?
Is hypnotism legal in Malaysia?

What’s the biggest lie you’ve told to escape an obligation for some quality beer time?
I’m sorry, but I’m late for my hypnotism class.

Compete the following: “If you get between me and my beer, I’ll…”
…have to take you home and give you a massage.”

Complete the following: “The last time I drank one too many beers I…”
…there’s no such thing as ‘one too many’.

If money or love makes the world go round, then where does beer fit into the equation?
It’s the lubricant that makes it go round faster.

Who’s the last person on earth that you’d buy a cold one for?
DJ Bunga, ’cause he doesn’t drink.

When was the last time you went, “Nice one”?
Someone told me a joke that goes, “A man walks into a bar – Wham! It’s an iron bar.”

Complete the following: “The older you get…”
…the easier it is to lose count.

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