Interview: Judge Jules

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A man with such stature needs no introduction simply because he’s been in the scene for ages, having accomplished pretty much everything a DJ can dream of. Besides being a highly skilled DJ, he’s also made waves with well received productions and remixes, an extensive list of mix compilations that have amassed ten thousands of copies worldwide, ranking him in the top regions of any international DJ poll and also a long lasting radio show that broadcasts to millions of listeners. If you’re still scratching your heads about it, we’re talking about Judge Jules, known by many as The Judge and one of the UK’s most successful dance artists.

The prolific Judge tells us why he chose to party with his Malaysian fans this New Years Eve at Genting International Showroom, Resorts World Genting, his high profile radio show and his new awesome productions.

Out of all the destinations in the world, what made you choose Genting Highlands to end 2010?
I wanted to visit Malaysia in general, as I haven’t been there for about 18 months and I have done some of my best Asian gigs in and around KL, where the crowds are very knowledgeable and up-for-it. I am really looking forward to returning.

What can the fans expect from your set in Genting?
Energy all the way; touching both on some of the bigger anthems from 2010 and brand new tunes for 2011.

From all your past visits to Malaysia, which ones are the most memorable ones?
There’s never been a bad one, but the bigger outdoor events, such as the official Grand Prix after party in 2009 particularly stick in the mind. It is always very exciting to get the chance to play at special events such as those.

Your new track ‘Verano Loco’ is receiving a lot of love, what’s the inspiration behind this track?
‘Verano Loco’ means ‘crazy summer’ in Spanish, and the track was inspired by Ibiza and those crazy European summer festival moments.

Modern technology makes it easier for people to produce music; do you think this is true?
Without question, although the ability to make music doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the talent for doing it.

How do you make yourself relevant after being in the scene for more than 20 years?
The fundamental factor is never losing the passion for both music and clubbing. When that begins to evaporate it’s time to hang up your headphones, but my love for what I do, and especially the performing aspect of my job has never waned one bit.

What about your radio show, how do you manage to keep it running for a long especially when many other DJ’s are into this radio show business these days?
It’s a case of digging very deep and working extremely hard on a weekly basis to unearth a consistent stream of fantastic new tunes. I never rely on the tracks to simply magic their way in my direction- I always go out looking for them myself.

Who do you think we should be looking out for to make a bang in 2011?
One country in particular seems to be generating more than its fair share of inspirational producers- Russia. Artists like D-Mad, Uri Fefelove & Abramski and Arty are doing a great job flying the flag for dance in their vast country.

What about yourself, what are some of your exciting plans for next year?
Yet more releases, including my new single ‘The Greater Good’, out shortly, yet more touring and of course, the return of my Ibiza night Judgment Sundays at Eden.

Are you making any New Year resolutions for next year?
To eat more Malaysian food, starting on this trip…

Text: The Piscean
Image: Urban Rebel PR

Judge Jules is playing this NYE’s in Genting. For all details head to our events page and check Chivalrous Movement.