Interview: Eddie Halliwell

Meet UK dance music guru, Eddie Halliwell who has been making waves around the globe with his massive sounds and zany stage showmanship. No matter where he goes, he will tear every roof and dancefloor apart effortlessly. This brilliant DJ who is best known for scratching will be making a return to our land for another wicked performance at the Malaysian Grand Prix Official Party – Speedzone Tour 2011 in Sepang. JUICE hollered the scratch master behind the internationally renowned Fire It Up radio show before he hit our town.

What were you doing before this?
I was preparing some stuff for my radio show.

Good to know that your 100th episode of Fire It Up radio show will be recorded live. What were your aspirations when you started the show?
It was basically just a collection of the best dance music that I put together every week to get it out for the international audiences because Fire It Up radio show is dedicated to everyone around the world. I want to supply good dance music for them, that is my main objective.

What can we expect from the 100th episode?
The 100th episode will be recorded live at Sankeys, a night club in Manchester. I think it’s going to be a great event. Expect fantastic music and a wicked party. I’m looking forward to this good night.

That’s cool. Will there be guest DJs for the show too?
Only my set will be broadcasted live but on the night itself, Michael Woods, Steve Mulder, Jordan Suckley and other wicked line-up of DJs will be playing there as well.

Having toured to every corner of the earth and putting up a blazing show must be tiring, how do you keep yourself going?
I keep myself fit, eat well and make sure that I take good diet to keep my attitude level high.

How does it feel when Judge Jules gave his testimonial about your nomination for “Greatest DJ of All Time” in MixMag last year?
It was absolutely fantastic to have the support from Jules, the magazine and the readers. Jules have said such amazing things and I really appreciate the support.

The Cream Ibiza mix CD that you produced last year was awesome. What is your formula in compiling a good mix?
Producing a mix CD is obviously different than DJing. The main thing about compiling for a mix CD is to get the best possible tracks and it should represent the music that you play. I make sure all my good music is in there and just mix it well.

You’ll be playing in KL for the F1 Grand Prix party once again. So which F1 driver do you hope to meet and why?
That would be Lewis Hamilton because he’s from my homeland, UK and I never met him before.

Which artists do you respect in today’s scene?
Most of us (DJs) look up to Carl Cox because he has always been an inspiration and also Tiesto for bringing the music to the international level.

Aside from dance music, what else do you listen to?
I listen to dance music mainly but sometimes I also enjoy The Killers or I just turn on the radio.

Too bad they’ve gone AWOL. Last question. If you were not a DJ, what would you be?
I always wanted to be an architect. I like designing and drawing but it didn’t happen.

Catch Eddie Halliwell spinning and scratching live at the Malaysian Official Grand Prix Party – Speedzone Tour 2011 in Sepang this 9 April 2011. Pre-sale tickets are still available for RM35 at AirAsia RedTix and selected Rock Corner, Victoria Music and RipCurl outlets. More of Eddie Halliwell at