Interview: DJ Miss Eva T

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In an industry commonly dominated by males, 22 year old Miss Eva T is becoming the current hip queen of the Malaysian decks. Successfully ripping through dancefloors with her mesh of rnb, hip hop, electro and progressive house, she’s already holding down some hot club residencies in KL (including Neubeats at Mist) and most recently sealed a collabo with Foulworks for H-Artistry in October. We know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t the subpar club radio nonsense that your ears bleed from; there’s some serious skill in what she does and having seen her live, we know she knows just how to bring it. With a rocking fashion sense and crazy hair colour, JUICE caught up with this emerging DJ from Johor for a chat.

You’re quite new to the DJ circuit, having only started last year. What motivated you to become a DJ?
I love music and the satisfaction from seeing the crowd enjoying my music whenever I perform onstage.

Did you have a mentor to help you get into the biz and if so, who was it?
1st of all I want to thank my mentor (in Chinese, people would say sifu) DJ Michael from Johor Bahru, who taught me how to DJ. Secondly, Jet Law, the Marketing Manager from Mist Club, who gave me the opportunity to play at Neubeats every Thursday; followed by Oscar Wise, the event organiser for Sultan Lounge, who offered me a place at Swagger every Saturday. Lastly, my management Josh Marciano helps out with my marketing activities.

Did you find a lot of difficulty starting off and trying to get your name out there?
Yes, I did. The learning stage was hard and the most important path, but I’m happy that I managed to get through it. To build a name for myself out there wasn’t easy as well. I guess every single DJ has their own style and so do I. But most of all, I keep telling myself that the most important thing is to do my very best all the time and perform well to the crowd and fans.

You’ve partnered with the Katsuyaku Girls, an all-female collective from HK with dancers, DJs, VJs and a design team. How did you get the gig?
It was an opportunity given by my friend Yami Mak from HK, who’s in charge of Katsuyaku Girls. I was also given the opportunity to represent Katsuyaku Girls in HK in July.

What’s the best gig you’ve played at?
I would have to say the event that recently passed themed Poise – Elegance & Confidence. The event was held on 25 September at WhiteRoom, Kota Kinabalu and Poise was presented by Josh Marciano. It was an exclusive event that was by invitation only, with fantabulous people and music. It went beyond my expectations whereby for the 1st time I experienced an event that was crowded all night long. I loved the crowd that enjoyed my music and stayed ’til the end of the event.

As a successful female DJ in Malaysia, what do you think you’re doing to help pave the way for other female DJs?
I guess I’ve not done much but I’d like to advise that we have to always be patient for a chance or opportunity. I’ll always perform my very best at every single event to show other female DJs out there that not only a male DJ can be well-known, but a female DJ can be too.

You come across as a very edgy DJ with your striking blonde hair and fashion sense. Who’s your fashion icon?
I don’t have any fashion icons as I just want to be who I am. I love to dress up and have my own style all the time.

Tell us 5 things we don’t know about Miss Eva T.
I love cats, I love to stay home on the weekends, I love to cook, I love to travel and I love champagne more than any other alcohol.

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