Interview: DJ Lange

We caught up with UK DJ-producer Lange ahead of his set tonight (Fri) at Euphoria. But first, a recap… 2010 was definitely a busy year for Lange. Besides his usual rounds of festivals and massive parties like Tomorrowland in Belgium and Cream at Amnesia in Ibiza, the prolific EDM artist also found time to release his Intercity: Spring 2010 mix compilation-a spinoff from his radio show Intercity-joining the list of DJs who have resorted to starting their own radio shows to stay connected with their fans. Aside from that, Lange also found time to continuously reinvent himself by embracing a variety of genres in the process through the release of his new album Harmonic Motion.

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He continues his quest in discovering new sounds through his latest project, Lange presents LNG, and has released two singles ‘Brandalism’ and ‘Harmony Will Kick You in the A$s’ under this new guise that will see him release edgier sounds. Synths and bass aren’t the only music playing in his ears this year as wedding bells have been ringing for awhile now.

Since you’ve been here a few times, what do you think of our party scene?
I’ve played in KL quite a few times over the years and enjoyed every event. Always a great atmosphere!

Are you going to try something different this time around?
My sound is always evolving and as a DJ you learn how to rock a club better each time.  Experience is everything! I’m experimenting more as time goes on, it’s simply just not trance anymore – the genre boundaries are broken down and I love it!

Got anything new coming out soon?
I’m just about to unleash the follow-up to ‘Harmony Will Kick you in the A$s’, it’s the new Lange Pres. LNG called ‘Hoover Damn’. Also, I have a new single with Betsie Larkin in the pipeline this summer, am very excited about that one. There’s a couple of remixes forthcoming too including a full release of my remix of Gareth Emery’s ‘Into the Light’.

We love the story on how you met Sarah Howells. Have you discovered any other new vocalists lately?
I’ve been on the lookout for some new people to work with and have some interesting vocals I’ll be starting work on shortly from a new talent.  That said, I continue to work with those I’ve previously enjoyed working with like Sarah Howells and Betsie Larkin.

Why do you think there are hardly any ‘pop’ music that experiments with trance sounds?
Actually I hear a lot of ‘trance-edged’ elements in house and have noticed some cropping up in pop, although my exposure to mainstream music is (thankfully) is pretty minimal. Can you really define what trance music is anymore anyway? I’ve said it before, I think trance music is less of a specific style or sound and more of a community of people who love to dance and be touched by music.

Personally we think some of the pop tracks produced by EDM producers are pretty cheesy. What do you think?

Pop is supposed to be cheesy, fun stuff. It doesn’t bother me if someone wants to make pop. It has its place.

Which pop star can you see yourself collaborating with?
None at the moment; I’m happy doing the more underground sounds.

We heard you went for a honeymoon in Maldives before your actual wedding, how was it?
It was incredible!  We were going to take a honeymoon later in the year as my touring schedule was too busy, but in May I had a weekend available and so we took the chance to get away from it all.  We stayed in a water villa off the tiniest of islands, surrounded by coral reef; the snorkelling was amazing! It was literally paradise, the perfect place! It was pretty tiring for me as I flew back from Vancouver the day before, and flew to Brazil the day after we got back.

Do you and your girl have any other favourite holiday hotspots?
Previously we’ve visited a lot of cold places. If you want to go somewhere with dramatic, diverse landscapes and very few people, try Iceland. We’ve been there twice, touring by car and it’s breathtaking. Last year, staying with the cold theme, we went to Northern Finland to experience a husky dog safari and snowmobiling. Those were definitely great experiences.

Which one of your tracks would you play in a romantic setting?
‘Red October’ from my Better Late Than Never album would probably be a contender.

Can you give a shout out to your Malaysian fans out there?
Thanks for all your support and I do hope to meet some more of you at Euphoria this weekend!