Interview: DJ Feadz

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Unlike his counterparts SebastiAn and Justice, there isn’t much that people are aware about DJ Feadz other than the fact that he discovered and collaborated musically (and personally) with underground hipster sensation, Uffie. Hailed as the “best DJ in Ed Banger” by founder Busy P, Feadz began his career through DJ competitions and working with Mr. Oizo for his debut album Analog Worms Attack before being signed on to Ellen Allien’s label BPitchcontrol. Busy P saw his potential and brought him into the Ed Banger family in 2007, where ‘Edwrecker’ his 1st official release for the label was featured in the Ed Rec Vol.2 compilation. Known for his hip hop, electro and French house beats, Feadz released his EPs Happy Meal and People Numbers Money Business to vivacious reviews. His upcoming The Unfinished Feadz Fairytale (also called TUFF) EP will be out soon. Since Monsoon Records is bringing Feadz to our town, it was a no brainer that JUICE had a word or two with Ed Banger’s topgun.

Hello Feadz! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. First we’d like to say sorry for your’s and Ed Banger’s loss on DJ Mehdi.  How is everybody holding up?
I can’t really speak on the behalf of everybody, but I could take more than 5 pages of your magazine to tell you how broken I am by his loss.

We heard your tribute mix to him. Any significance of the tracks you picked?
Huge significance for me; it’s sharing anger, sadness, hope and life in this mix. I’m not there to shine from the mix or anything – it’s for him. It’s personal but I think it can mean a lot if you know me, him or just know music.

What have you been up to recently?
I have been making music by myself and with friends too. The rest is not so important…

We’ve been trying to find more information about you on the internet but you hardly have any interviews compared to your other Ed Banger members. Nothing wrong with that, but are you an intensely private person or are you shy? We did read an interview in that you are “a man of few words”…
I actually love talking, about music and other things. I’m a man of too many words, but you may not see that in this interview. I need to be thrown on to a certain “road” and then I won’t be able to stop, although it does not seem like we’ll be taking this road today.

What?!! Why not?! We’ll cover the petrol! Anyway, what brings you to our side of the world this year?
2 gigs! What more should I say?

Double fun! What can we expect from a DJ Feadz set?
I think I was born to DJ, it is what I like to do the most in this world. I was DJing way before I was producing. I play from inspiration, always different, so I hope what you can expect is uplifting and unexpected.

Do you have a track or two that is your favourite at the moment that you play at every party you spin?
DJ Rashad’s ‘Teknitian’ and Surkin’s ‘Ultralight’.

It will be your first time in Malaysia. Do you know preconceived ideas about our country?  A lot of people still believe that we live on trees.
I have no idea, although I know you guys don’t live on trees. It’s a weird thing to say, my friend. I don’t really know so much but I’m curious and glad to go somewhere I have never been.

Growing up, what made you want to become a DJ and producer?
I had this thing with music, thanks to my older sister and I just went crazy for scratches and then later on, production. There was another time I bought thousands and thousands of records, equipment, and learnt everything on my own. Real passion – I would have never dared to make a living out of it – all the DJs I knew were starving, but things have changed.

Who were your biggest influences during your beginnings as a DJ?
It’s French radio DJs like Gilb’r, Cut Killer, Dee Nasty, and my stepbrother Nouredine who was a DJ (he is actually Mehdi’s uncle), he was the one letting me scratch his records for hours. I love him.

How often do you tour? How many places do you travel to in a week?
I’ve got 1 or 2 gigs a week. As I told you, I love being a DJ. I would do more if I could, although I’m glad to have time for production in a week. I love doing music but I’m a bit slow…

In your opinion, what is the worst part of touring?
Travelling alone…

Customs is a b***h, ain’t it? Let’s talk about Ed Banger. Everyone remembers 2007 to be the year of the term “nu-rave” and the artists under Ed Banger were at the forefront of that time. What are your thoughts on that time?
I loved that time but I don’t regret it. I still love it now too. I think after that period of time our sound was very vulgarised by thousands of copycat which made it disgusting. We are on to other stuff now.

What are your plans for 2012?
I’m making music with a young talented producer named Kito from Mad Decent and I’m planning on releasing our track somewhere. I also have a new EP on the way and I think I’m gonna do a mixtape, cause nowadays it’s good to give music for free.

What are 3 of your all-time fav songs that you like to listen to in the shower?
Run DMC ‘Run’s House’, Kleeer ‘Tonight’, Lil Louis & The World ‘Club Lonely (Lonely People)’.

Lastly, you and Uffie used to date a long time ago. It’s great to see you’re both still in the same label and doing well. What is a good remedy for a break up?
The only remedy is to fall in love again.

Words of wisdom! Thanks for the tip!
Thank you too, see ya soon.

Be sure to check Feadz out on 19 November 2011 at Bedroom. If you think you’re tuff enough, checkout