Interview: DJ Faith

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The rose amongst her other thorny opponents, Angela Francesca Tan aka DJ Faith may not have taken the title, but she did walk away with the JUICE DJ Quest 2009 Readers’ Choice Award. An avid clubber turned DJ, she’s packed in her day job to spend more time with us in the wee hours. Huzzah! Just don’t be pulling any weak a$$ pickup lines on her, because she can handle her machines….

When did you start DJing?
I used to club 4 days a week. From Mambo Jambo to Ghetto Heaven then House Friday to Trance Saturday. It was crazy! Then I enrolled in a local DJ school in December 2007.

As a female DJ, do you find it harder to get a gig?
It’s the same for female DJs as male DJs. You need to promote yourself to clubs and clubbers.

Describe your musical style in 4 words.
This is tough! You’ll really have to find out yourself. But the clue is: Starkillers / Don Diablo / La Roux / Afrojack.

For DJ Quest you had your hair up in a sparkly swirly ponytail. What do you wear when you’re up there on the decks?
No dark colours. I like gold and silver, anything bling and striking colours.

Got a day job?
I was a strategic planner in an advertising agency, but I’ve just resigned and am looking for a job where I can spend more time DJing.

Serious stuff. What’s your favourite track right now?
In the club it’s ‘Riverside’ by Sidney Samson and ‘Let the Bass Kick In Miami Girl’ by Chuckie and LMFAO. At home it’s HI-Q’s ‘Hello, Say Hello (Dasteff Remix)’.

Do you play any music instruments?
I used to play the keyboard. But my skills all karat already.

What does your mum think about your new career direction?
She goes, ‘Ah girl, can you handle the machines? So many buttons wor!’

What other female DJs or artists do you look up to?
I have always liked Annie Nightingale and Nakadia, Lykke Li, Jolin Tsai…

You must get a fair few pickup lines.
Too many! Some go like, “Hey do you remember me? I’m on your Facebook…” or “Hey Miss DJ, can I have some nice songs from you? We are friends right?”

Snort! Ok forget about work. Where do you and your girlfriends go when you wanna hit the dancefloor?
Mambo Jambo. Sweet!

What kind of music do you find sexy?
Hed Kandi!

What’s next for DJ Faith?
Faith’s theme night once or twice a month from one club to another. I’ll also be teaming up with another DJ to bring you more surprises!

Cool. We like surprises.

Keep the faith with Angela at Follow her on Twitter @ and become Facebook friends (no pick up lines, pls) by searching Angela Faith.Tan.

Image Kyle Kwan