Interview: DJ BabeyDrew

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He is the official DJ for Chris Brown, but DJ BabeyDrew here has made a name of himself not just by being the back ground guy. He is one of the most sought after DJs in US and has created an empire of his own with chart topping mixtapes, producing tunes and hosting his own radio show for nearly 10th years. DJ BabeyDrew was in town recently rocking in at Maison, and JUICE checks out just how busy he was.

So what is the story behind the name BabeyDrew?
I guess it’s because I have a baby face (laughs). It was given to me in high school, I didn’t pick it.

Haha. So how is it like juggling radio with touring the world, album work and releasing mixtapes not to mention being a DJ for celebrities? Are you going to crack soon with all the pressure mounting on you?
No, I love it. I would have it no other way. It’s not even that hard actually, once you’ve developed a routine, it’s not that difficult.

The song ‘No Flats In The Club’; you, Money Bags, Mosito and Juse Jetson came up with a song about ladies and their footwear and now it’s a huge hit. Did you guys even realize it was going to be this big? Assuming this was for pure humour right?
Haha no, we just did it for fun. Every time we go to a club, you look at a girl and then you look at the feet and she had flats on. So why doesn’t they have heels on? So I produce the beat and we just recorded it in my studio and sent it out on twitter and next thing I know everyone was playing it.

Just recently you ventured to gospel music. Tell us a bit about your contribution to Mary Mary’s ‘God In Me’ and ‘Superfriend’
I was in the studio with Warren Campbell and he was also married to one of the Mary Mary sister. So he asked me to go back to my hotel and get my DJ bag. So I did and he played me his track and it was incredible. It was my pleasure.

So what’s new?
I just started a band Strobe Lite and it’s the first DJ band that I ever seen or heard of. This is the first time I see the DJ being the main and the band works around the DJ. I also just started a record label called Smash Entertainment Group. We have 2 main artists under our label; one is Kevin Mac, our country singer and Asa, the pop star. We have other acts as well but we are focusing on them now because they stand out.

We noticed you’re big on the heart by doing charity concerts and helping out kids that come from a rough childhoods. Is this because your childhood was hard?
No. my childhood wasn’t hard at all. I had a big family. It was the way my mother raise me so it comes naturally to give some to the charity.

Tell us more about your son? Is it hard leaving him behind while you go on tours?
Oh yeah it’s hard. He’s only 3 years old and he lives in another state. So whenever my free time allows it, I would pick him up and take him out.

Being the official DJ for Chris Brown, you probably are close to him. With him being in the papers for the wrong reason, how did you react to this?
It was more like, oh shoot I’m his big brother, and how can I help out with the situation. I didn’t think about, oh what happened.

Your strong on Twitter aren’t you? Is it a form of hobby by letting the world know what you are doing and where you are, or somewhat makes you closer to your fans and family?
Mostly to let people know where I’m at, it’s a form of expression too.

Seeing that you have been a DJ for many mega superstars, is there somebody you would love to be a DJ for and why?
Jay-Z. He’s my favourite rapper of all time; he’s also the greatest rapper who ever touched the mike. My other favourite rapper is Lil wayne, the concept of his song, the way he ride the beat.

Do you want to be on the vocals soon? Let somebody else be your DJ while you sing?
I can’t sing, I mean I can sing in the shower. I have recorded some songs when I was singing but I need technology to make me sound great (laughs).

Do you have any bad habits you need to stop but can’t?
Coffee. I need one everyday to get me going!

What tracks are hitting it up on your iPod nowadays?
Still got the Jay-Z album!

How is 2010 going to be like for BabeyDrew?
Gonna focus on Smash Entertainment Group. Gonna get my artist on the radio and probably be touring with Chris.

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