Interview: Crisco Kidd

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Bum Squad in the house! All the way from Houston, Texas, Crisco Kidd is probably one of the nicest DJs we’ve ever met. He’s helluva funny and we had to show him some love when he was in town to kick it at Mist Club recently. Here, JUICE talked to this Mr. DJ about karaoke, nice buildings and of course, him. Let’s go!

How’s KL been to you so far?
I love KL! I wouldn’t mind moving out here for a few months. Y’all have great hospitality, beautiful women and I love the vibe out here!

Awww. How was the situation at Mist?
Mist Club was great! Shouts to the staff and DJ Cza, T-Bone and Biggie for helping me feel right and Jeff the bartender for making them Flaming Lamborghinis! (laughs)

Crunkkk! So how different is the KL club scene for you compared to other countries?
The KL’s scene is really commercial compared to a lot of other places. For example, in the US, every region has its own type of sound and scene, and you have to know what’s poppin’ in each place you spin at. But in the end, people go to the club to drink, dance, meet people and have a good time and that’s exactly what it is in KL!

Did you do the whole touristy thing?
Not really, I got to see a few malls and KLCC, which is probably the nicest building I’ve ever seen and ate at a few good spots. Next time I’m hitting a beach or something!

Don’t forget to invite JUICE! Musically, who did you grow up to?
Everyone and everything! Seriously. From The Gap Band and Barry White to The Pharcyde, Jay-Z, Outkast, UGK, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Biggie, 2Pac, Bone Thugs, Gangstarr, and I love good house music, especially those from 1994 up to 2000. I am a true product of music.

Word. Tell us how you got yourself into DJing.
I’ve always loved music. I played piano since 7 or 8, played percussion and other instruments throughout school, but I remember the exact moment that I wanted to DJ. It was my freshman year in high school at homecoming, and I remember when the DJ played a special request and it was R. Kelly’s ‘Slow Dance,’ I don’t know why, but for some reason that was it for me. Weird. But, here I am! (Laughs)

Who or what keeps you inspired?
The world inspires me. Being a DJ on and off the radio has given me the opportunity to meet people across the world. I love talking with people from everywhere and finding out about them, their lives, struggles and success. The one thing that I always find we all have in common is the appreciation and love of music.

That’s real talk right there. If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be?
If I wasn’t a DJ, I would most likely still be involved with music somehow or, I’d put my degree to work and find something in advertising or marketing.

What are your must-plays in your DJ set?
If I told you my secrets, I’d have to kill ya! Just kidding. Just know that it’s important for every DJ to know their market and the places they are playing in to really know what moves the crowd.

That’s right. Talk to us about Tha Block Party. What’s that all about?
I created the Crisco Kidd Block Party in 2005 as the name of my radio show. I really thought about how I could involve as many people as possible and make people feel like they are a part of what I am doing. And most importantly, enjoy listening to the show and have a good time everywhere.

Got any famous peeps on your phone you call out for coffee?
I’m gonna say no so that no one tries to steal my phones the next time I’m in KL! Hahahaha…. Of course I do, I met a grip of cool ppl who I keep in contact with on the regular, but for some reason, Obama’s always too busy for lunch!

Of all of it, which is your favourite and worst gig by far?
Favourite and worst gig… I’ve had so many great gigs, too hard to say…. And the worst one… man, I don’t remember the last time I didn’t enjoy doin’ what I do.

Do you karaoke?
I love karaoke! When I’m home on Sunday nights, you can catch me singing some good ol’ James Brown!

Three words to describe yourself.
Passionate, dreamer, perfectionist or live, laugh, love. (Laughs)

I think that’s a 6, but sure, why not. So we get to see you again in 3 months?
Yessir, that’s the plan. I’m coming back in 3 months! Shouts to the JUICE staff, all the Southeast Asia Bumz, everyone who I partied with last time, and of course YZ International for making this all happen! I love all y’all! Peace.



Crisco Kidd hit the decks at Mist Club on Friday 22 May. Go say hi to him at