Interview: CandyQube

Who is this cutie? This is CandyQube, the winner of Best New DJ Of The Year 2008/09 at Choons Awards and she’s also the wife of JUICE DJ Quest 2008 finalist DJ Elf. Yes another female DJ in our area rocking the night scene with her brand of dance music. She is slowly, but surely creating a name for herself in the DJ scene. Please help us welcome DJ CandyQube.

Tell us how you got into DJing.
Like most of the DJs here, it all began in the bedroom of a good friend of mine, Khairul Amin. At first we jammed just for the sake of fun but it got serious, so then I decided to join Royale Academy in hope that, with training under Bryan Burger, it would help build my knowledge especially in DJing.

Is there a story behind the name CandyQube?
Yes of course there is! But if I tell you, I will have to kill you.

What sort of music did you grew up listening to? And how did it progress into dance music?
I listen to almost everything from System of a Down to Boyz II Men. Jamiroquai to Weezer and dance music came right after that.

What were your dream jobs when you were young?
At 5, I wanted to be a dancer. At 10, I dream to be a cameraman or anything behind the camera. Then at 15, I changed my ambition to interior designer because I didn’t know how to get into the film industry!

So what genre of music does DJ CandyQube play?
Progressive house, but she does play some house, tech house and a little bit of techno as well.

What can you offer that other DJs can’t?
I’ll give you candy every time you come see me play. I promise.

Where have you spin?
I’ve played for Chemistry, Winter Music Conference, Turn It Up Anniversary, Choons Awards Pull Over, AFOS & Super GT Victory Party.

Would you take up a residency with a club?
At the moment, no.

How does it feel winning Best New DJ Of The Year 2008/09 at Choons Awards?
Just great!

Can I tell people you actually know DJ Elf from college, which we were from, dated and got married to?
Erm, of course you can! (laughs) By the way, it’s Lucky Beanie if we were to play together at clubs.

Who do you think are DJs that deserves more mention in the scene?
Personally, I think it has got to be Mr. Fluff, Gaijin, Elf and Hebbo. They’ve got really good collections in their CD bags

When will female DJs take over the world?
Have they not yet done so?? Oh no!!

Is there a female figure you look up to?
Yes and that would be my mom.

How’s 2009 gonna be for DJ CandyQube?
So far it’s been like a roller coaster!! But it’s all good cos life is like a box of candies, you wouldn’t know what you’re gonna get.

What are you gonna do right after this interview?
Gonna make myself a cuppa coffee and continue to clear my mailbox.

Do you have a website?
Not at the moment but I hope it’ll be up by the end of the year. Cheers!

We’ll wait.