Interview: Bob Sinclar

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You all know Bob Sinclar for house anthems like ‘Love Generation’, but he’s not about to milk his past hits dry. In fact, he’s so serious about his music that he recently packed his bags for Jamaica, where he conceived his latest and Grammy-nominated album, Made in Jamaica (where else?). The reggae-tinged offering is a unique one-off, but he promises that there are more tricks up his sleeves (and he’s got pretty long ones). It was mutual love between him and the Zouk crowd while he was here, and he extends some to us too before his shindig.

Text Fiona Chen
Image and interview courtesy of Zouk Management

How you feeling today?
I always feel good! Jetlag? I don’t even know what that means anymore. One week ago I did a tour of Australia and Thailand, after that I went back to Paris and now I’m back in Asia! But I lead a very healthy life and I don’t drink or do drugs, so there is no problem.

What psyches you up for a gig?
Just an energy drink and the raw atmosphere! It also excites me if I have new tracks to play!

We’ve heard about your love affair with Jamaica, which led you to release Made in Jamaica, an album obviously influenced by reggae music…
Gary Pine (the voice behind ‘Love Generation’) said that I’ve got to go to Kingston. And when I did, I saw a warm country full of talent. So, don’t be surprised if I drop a reggae-influenced ‘Love Generation’ at the end of a set!

With this new album, are you bidding the house scene goodbye?
First of all, the purpose of music is to make me happy. When I was 20, I said, “Mum, I’m going to make music. I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I’m going to do it.” I just want to make my own beats and churn out sounds beyond genres.

That should sound rather interesting…
It’s in my mind to do mash-ups of different sounds. I love going places where people don’t expect me to and surprise them.

So, any surprises this year?
My new album, of course. It’s still in the process of creation so there’s no name yet but its going be real dance-y. I hope to let the audiences hear it first to gauge their reaction. It’s a real privilege for DJs to be able to produce music and then play it right out of the studio.

We heard that you’ve got a gift of writing hits in a snap?
A lot of my hits like ‘Love Generation’ are written real quickly, like it’s done within three hours! I just follow my feelings. It’s like my life; I live for the moment. All I have is a six-month plan, and nothing else. Whatever happens, happens!

That’s such a Parisian thing to say!
Ah, Paris. I love my country, though it’s getting a bit boring and the people are a little depressed. They always have something sad to say. They don’t believe that they live in a beautiful country. However, I’ll have to say that it’s this melancholy that drives our beautiful couture. It’s not something I can tolerate for a long time though, so sometimes I stay elsewhere for a bit like LA and NY to get better vibes.

What’s moving and shaking in Paris?
Nothing, really. In Paris, the scene is very commercial, like the rest of the world. All we have are chic young musicians and older but talented producers. However, whenever I travel, I always get excited about going back to Paris because I always have all these new sounds in my head and I can’t wait to work on them.

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