Interview: Auxman

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An up and coming Italian DJ, Auxman may be someone you’ve never heard of before but should really get to know. Having released just a few tracks thus far, Dancing With Myself is one of those hard hitting mash up tracks that will get you running to the dancefloor. This producer/DJ can’t be classified under one genre, his mix up of styles in all of his tracks lends themselves to a variety of genres, and he masters each one impeccably. Check out Can’t Touch overlain with vocals by Naan, a vocalist who’s previously collaborated with Benny Bennasi; from tribal to punk rock to hard electro, Auxman symbolises what’s the next hottest things, bending and twisting his productions for every ear out to listen.

Hi Auxman! You’re an unsigned DJ, yet your sound is very mature. How did you start DJing?
I began just for fun at a school party, then I started to play with vinyls and CDs and I enjoyed it. So I tried to make some tracks with my old PC at home… and here we are!

Was there a particular moment that inspired you to become a DJ?
Firstly I’m a producer, so my focus is on the production side; then I’m also a DJ and I think that the most important things that a DJ can bring to the crowd are his productions.

Can you describe your sound to us?
Well, my sound is from electro to punk rock, with jazz and house grooves – all flavored with a little bit of ignorance.

What DJ equipment do you use?
I use my MacBook with Traktor plus a controller midi and sometime a microkorg.

Your song Dancing with Myself is a little hard electro, while songs like Ambe and Can’t Touch are lighter and a bit more house, what would you say is your genre of music?
I don’t have a unique music style, I always mix many different genres with a lot of different influences. I’m sure you’ll appreciate this mix in my new single Go!, a punk pop track.

Your song Ambe was turned into Can’t Touch with vocals from Naan. Who is she and what made you decide to use her voice?
I actually don’t know who she is. I received her acapella and I put it on Ambe, then Can’t Touch was born! I know that she also collaborated with Benny Benassi on the Who’s Your Daddy? track and with the Benassis Bros.

The song Dancing With Myself has a bit of a tribal element, what was your inspiration for it?
From some ’90s tribal tracks that I found in an old CD rescued in my car.

What did you think when Aniki remixed your song?
Aniki rocks! When he decided to remix Dancing with Myself I was excited! He was #1 on Beatport with an amazing Nu-Disco track, I hope my original version and Aniki’s remix will rock the dancefloor.

When can we expect an album or EP from you?
Soon, really soon!

What are your inspirations and what music do you listen to?
I usually listen to all kinds of music, from electro to classical, from punk to pop. My inspiration is born by mixing all those genres.

Is it hard to stand out as a DJ in Italy where there’s so many DJs playing different genres?
If you have something special to give to the people, you don’t have to be worried because your special style makes you unique.

If you could tour anywhere, where would you go?
I would like to tour in Australia or the UK. I heard the Australian crowd is amazing and in the UK the scene is really pumping!

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