Interview: Arabyrd

You would be fool to not know who Arabyrd is. She’s been kicking it with her ‘Byrdkick’ track, a slew of ball grabbing attention getting performances including at JUICE‘s 7th Anniversary and Hanger launch, is one half of DJ collective Twinkies, and mover of Palate Palette’s new Barefoot night along with Crunchtime’s Cee of Al Haca. The girl has infectious stage presence and a music attitude that’s funky, fresh and future forward. No wonder the world wants a piece. We got the Sarawakian party starter to finish JUICE‘s sentences because, well, we never know what she’s going to say sometimes.

This morning… we finished a 4 hour mixtape. You wannnnttt???

Last night… I spent more than 5 hours digging for some classic techno records. Not sure what I’ll be digging for tonight.

Barefoot… is something that one has to experience to dig. I say, get the f*ck out of your comfort zone and give yourself a chance to feel and understand. You can find articles online about what Stereotyp (co-founder of Barefoot) has to say about it, but at the end of the day, you will figure out that Barefoot is what YOU want it to be. To me, WE ARE BAREFOOT. Barefoot is traditional. Barefoot is unity through a certain sound that we all either have left behind or have forgotten is inside us.

When I was in Phlowtron… Never left. Watch out for a very big surprise this year. I hear that Araraps is still around.

My first solo debut… will include a Sarawakian track. No hard feelings, yup?

I look up to… originality and consistency.

My family… made me.

When I was in Vienna… the first gig I caught was Marc de Clive-Lowe live. There were so many other gigs that followed showcasing some mad talent, but I dare say that here in Malaysia we are nothing less. We don’t have any catching up to do. The world just has to look closer.

The song that makes me dance… is the same song that will make me cry.

When I DJ… I am the boss of my own music. I drop tracks that I want but I always have the crowd or listeners in mind. I may play an unfamiliar tune but I make sure that it’s something people can relate to.

Twinkies are… also good deep-fried. Hehe! Twinkies are Ara and Nadia. We’re new, we’re growing and we’re gay. We share our love and fun through music. Get familiar at

Crashing the stage with Diplo was… Quick, fun and effective, but not satisfying enough. It just made me crave for more action! Which, I might add, is a good thing.

Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival… is educational. Don’t be too cool for school mmmkay? For real. I’ve been lucky enough to attend every leg of the event. I’ve experienced the most magical sets by a whole mix of artists who blew me away. Check the official website ( Gilles’ features are all oh-so-krezeehh!

February is… short.

Virgos are… human.

Arabyrd is going to be… a very good bad girl this year.

Get with the 1’s and 2’s on Arabyrd at now.

Image Miranda Yeoh