Interview: Afrojack

In the last year, Nick Van De Wall (better known as Afrojack) has rocketed through the top dance charts. DJ Mag has slammed him into the top 100 at #19, securing his position as the second highest new entry in this year’s edition. Despite Haters calling him a “pop DJ”, his set at Zouk KL recently only confirmed how sought after this guy was. JUICE managed to snag an exclusive interview with the man himself just minutes before his shaking set…

Interview courtesy of Zouk KL

We think we’d all like to know, where did the name ‘Afrojack’ come from?
Well I used to have an afro and the name jack is a common name in house music, it means music, dancing and having fun.

How old were you when you went to your first club?
I was 15 but before that I went to sort of clubs, like bars and stuff but it wasn’t serious.

Was that even legal?! Where and when was your first gig? How did it go?
Well I started from absolutely nothing so I just tried to get known by two or three people. My first gig was when I was 15 or 16, I don’t remember where but it went well. The first gig I got booked and paid for was in December 2006… I think I was either 17 or 18.

We noticed that lot of your sets feature David Guetta, what’s it like working with him?
Fun, I work with him all the time, he’s a really good friend of mine.

Every DJ needs a good bromance. What was the first record you ever bought and why that one?
I dunno, I actually can’t remember, but the first record I illegally downloaded was something by DJ Qbert, it was all drum and bass stuff. I was in to all types of technologically advanced music.

We think it’s pretty obvious, but which tune is your ‘secret weapon’ right now?
Definitely ‘Take Over Control’.

Thought so! On the flipside, which current dance styles do you find cheesy?
DJs and producers like Mord Fustang make music that sounds really phat but every song is just a different simple, melody. You should listen to it then you’d know what I mean. Right now it’s probably the cheesiest thing out there. You know the Skrillex’s music? It’s like that, only easier to produce and not as phat sounding.

We know what you mean. What about Lady Gaga? Do you get any inspiration from music on the charts?
I don’t think that pop music is cheesy right now because it’s never been heard before. It’s dance music of course, but what she did with the song ‘Bad Romance’, the ‘RRRRRRR’ sound, it sounded really cheesy to everyone in the dance industry, but for people who have never listened to dance music it was really like ‘wow, that’s so cool’.

Tells us… What’s next for you this year?
Well for the first time in my life I got asked to do a soundtrack for a movie so that really cool.

Can you hint which one?
No! But it’s a really big movie, really, really big!

Worth a try! Any shout outs for your KL fans?
Well this is the first time I’m here so lets see how it goes and lets have fun! I already hope to come back soon, because it’s just a beautiful country. I saw that line outside so I think it’s gonna be fun!

Fo’ sure! We’re the only country where lines are actually a good thing.

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