Interview: 2ManyDJs

As you avid clubbers already know, the amazing 2manydjs will be making their way to KL on 15 January 2009. Woot! JUICE gave you the deets, and now we’ve taken some time to sit down with Stephen Dewaele, one half of 2manydjs. We’ve asked everything from who snags the ladies down to their most mundane moments.

What were you doing 10 minutes ago?
Ten minutes ago I was having food in the catering with Midnight Mike. We were all talking about how amazing the show was last night. We’re doing these shows called Soulwaxmas where we play as Soulwax and 2manydjs and we invite Tiga and Erol (Alkan) and all of our friends and in the end we have a whole lot of drum kits and we have a drum off. And last night we had a naked guy playing the gong and it was amazing. That was the highlight of our night [laughs].

Were you once called The Flying Dewaele Brothers?
That was before we became 2manydjs. That actually came from Chris Goss a producer in LA who did Queens of the Stone Age and who did the first Soulwax record when we were completely rock. I remember one day we were at the mixing desk and David was trying to mix. There were no flying faders, it was just an analogue mix and he said ‘look at the flying Dewaele brothers’ and that’s how that name got used. But those days are over, man.

Which brother gets the most girls?
Dave. I’m the older one and I think Dave’s the good-looking guy. He’s also the smoothest with women.

What is Belgium famous for besides chocolates? (What’s the best thing about Belgium?)
I think the best thing about Belgium is that countries like Switzerland, Canada, Belgium they’re all countries that have three languages and three really strong identities. We have French, German and Dutch and we’re not really nationalistic in comparison to other countries. There’s not really a Belgian identity – [just] a little bit – but we’re really open to a lot of cultures and a lot of different opinions. So, there’s a strength to that. Especially at this moment in history.

You’ve had years of touring, what do you do during downtime?
You try and soak up a little bit of the place where you are. I’ve never been (to Malaysia) so it would be good to see something. But also you shouldn’t push yourself to try and do everything in two days. It’s good – playing and travelling and stuff – we made a documentary called Part of the Weekend Never Dies where we try and show how hardcore it can be but on the other hand it’s a bit like being an athlete – you can party but you can’t do it every night. So you have to try and stay healthy. It’s a boring answer but that’s the truth.

Do you have any hobbies?
I don’t have time for hobbies. Buying records, trying to find rare books – but they’re all linked to what I do musically. So, do I have a secret hobby where I build miniature planes? No, sorry.

What is your weapon of choice?
It would be love. I’m a lover not a fighter. I don’t believe in hurting other people.

What JUICE does 2manydjs make?
Aah. There’s a juice that’s out here (in the UK) that you can buy in Marks & Spencer: Elderflower and Apple. Amazing. We love it. We’re crazy about it. It’s gonna last another week and then we’ll get bored with it. At the moment that’s the one we like.

What is that voice in your head telling you right now?
Seventy minutes before showtime. It’s not the voice in my head, it’s the itinerary in front of my nose. (laughs)

Tell us your most memorable bathroom experience in a hotel while touring.
Whoah! I’m trying to think. I think one of the ones I’ve had so many times – you’re in the bathroom and the cleaning lady walks in. Because you were tired and forgot to put the ‘do not disturb sign’ on and you’re taking a bath and you don’t hear her come in. It’s happened a couple of times. I probably freaked them out. It’s not exciting enough, is it? That’s the most exciting thing I can tell to a newspaper.

Tell us about ‘Saturday (Soulwax) vs Billie Jean’ is it true it was never released due to legal reasons?
Yeah. We weren’t able to release that. But it was a long long time ago. I think that was the beginning of Dave and me trying stuff out. It was like, ‘hey, this is fun, it’s in the right key let’s do that’. But we were never really able to release it. But when Michael Jackson died in June, the day after that we headlined at Glastonbury and we made an animation and a new edit of it as a kind of tribute to him. But when people started getting hysterical we added more ET and stuff. It was too much Michael Jackson, we couldn’t handle it anymore.

Most memorable festival.
It goes back to the beginning of2manydjs. There’s a great club in Lisbon called Lux and we love it very much. And the owner of the club had been trying to get Dave and me way before people had heard of us, he was so into our DJing. And he wanted to get us over. And he built a stage and during the set we got everybody and this guy walks onstage and he goes under the table (DJ console) and he throws everything into the crowd and he holds a cross upside down and he’s a Satanist. I don’t know why or what happened but half of the crowd was mesmerised like Dave and me and thinking ‘fuck’ and the other half was like ‘hey dude, you just ruined our night’. And then there was a fight and after when they asked him why he said that ‘I don’t know, the music got me really really crazy’. It wasn’t a cool thing but it was a really weird thing. And then the owner, while he was watching, he said to the guy who was doing it, he said I want them every month as a resident and at the point where he said it the guy threw in the thing and he said ‘Ahh, maybe not’. (laughs). It was a great night.

With so many festivals under your belt, what’s the worst advice you can give to a newbie DJ?
That’s it’s really easy and it’s not a hard job. Blah blah blah. You travel a lot and get to play in a lot of places but you still have to work hard as a DJ. And as people are more exposed to you, you have to do your best even more. So yeah, it’s not that easy.

What will 2010 bring for 2manydjs?
I think we’ll be playing more with the 2manydjs live show. People seem to like it and seem to be really excited by it. And there’ll be the [Internet] radio and hopefully a new Soulwax record after the summer. So it will be a busy year. And in between we’ll probably be doing some remixes but honestly, those things we never plan. It’s only when we like something we end up doing it.

Catch 2manydjs at KL Live on Jalan Sultan Ismail on Friday, 15 January 2010 from 9pm to 2am. Pre-sales at RM48 for Heineken members, RM58 for non-members and RM78 at the door. Become a Heineken member by visiting Tickets will be available from 9 December 2009 onwards at all Ticket Axcess outlets or visit for more information. Strictly ages 18 and above only.