International Buy Nothing Day: Why We Love/Hate Shopping Part 2

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If you’ve read part 1 of this series, you’ll understand why some people hate shopping, but on the flip side, this particular JUICE member enjoys the occasional splurge of shopping. International Buy Nothing Day is a great concept, and in KL the constant consumption of goods is perhaps way over done, especially due to the mass amounts of malls that we have (throw a stone and you’ll hit at least 5 big ones). However, I do selfishly enjoy indulging myself from time to time, due to the following factors:

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Well, it seems in KL we’re quite spoilt for choice in terms of the shops that we have; Topshop, Uniqlo, Zara and so forth. I personally like to venture out of the behemoth malls though, I have a big problem with crowds, they’re slow moving and tend to smell. Instead, what about the little boutique stores littered in Bangsar Baru? Sevendays, Qvinn and Gossips all have a great selection of clothes that aren’t mass produced, and they come at prices that won’t leave your wallet feeling anorexic. There’s also a heap of market bazaars that take place around town, like Chic Pop, Glam Bazaar and the Etsy Crafty Art Market where you can hustle vintage goods, one-off clothing pieces and chunky jewelry all for bargain prices.

Variety: It’s the spice of life! Wouldn’t life be a little bit lacking if you wore the same clothes day in, day out? I don’t want to come across materialistic, but there’s always that extra added element of excitement when you step out in that new dress or new shoes on a night out, isn’t there?

Attaining Retail Enlightenment: There’s something rewarding about slaving away during the week, receiving that paycheck and going out to treat yourself with some new gear. For instance, you’ve had your eye on that pair of Nike’s for a long while now and just haven’t had the cash to dish out. Once you do, even if it’s weeks after you first peeped them, for me, there’s some kind of God-like feeling you get once you’ve managed to attain that pair that you’ve lusted after for so long.

Standing Out: Otherwise known as “peacock-ing”, I particularly don’t want to blend into the crowd all wearing the same mass produced uniforms, it’s that much more entertaining (even if it’s only for yourself) to be wearing something interesting, more daring. We’re not saying to rock out in midriffs or spiked thigh high boots, but having that extra edge is always more rewarding than donning that same V-necked crew top that all your friends have in different colours. *Yawn*

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