Inspired by A-Ha’s ‘Take On Me’, This Cafe’s Interior is a Black & White Comic That You Can Dine In

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Everyone remembers that one-hit from Norwegian synth-pop band A-Ha, ‘Take On Me’, simply because of how catchy it is and all the cover versions (from Weezer’s to N’Sync’s to almost every pub bands’ in the last 30 years).

Equally as memorable is the music video for the song which featured ground breaking animation techniques (for the ’80s). Needless to say, ‘Take On Me’ is a part of pop culture that will not be fading away anytime soon.

Inspired by the music video, a cafe in Moscow, Russia went viral for incorporating the sketch-drawing animation into its interior design which creates the illusion of black and white comic-like pen doodles.

Source: Deviantart

The 3D illusion was brought to life by local artist, Anfisa Toshina, capturing global attention as the pictures of the unique cafe circulated on social media.


The whole cafe looks as if it was drawn using charcoal on a piece of paper making almost everything look 3D-like.


With two branches in Russia, one located in St Petersburg and one in Moscow, the cafe owner is apparently known for integrating unique concepts for their cafes.

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If you aren’t familiar with A-Ha’s ‘Take On Me’, shame on you… but here: