INKSTAGRAM #4: International Artists to Check Out at Wayang Kulit’s Tattoo Expo

The third Wayang Kulit Tattoo Show is about three weeks away, which means the artists involved in the event are going to be booked up fairly soon. There are over 50 names on its roster this year, and keeping up with everyone on the list can be challenging to those who don’t like stalking and scrolling through Instagram endlessly. Thankfully, we do. Here are eight international artists — mainly from Singapore — that you should check out if you have been looking to get fine line/Americana/black-and-grey or traditional Japanese body-suit tattoos.

Clifford Wong (Singapore)
E: [email protected]

Keith Yeo (Singapore)
E: [email protected]

Frankie Sexton (Singapore)
E: [email protected]

Febby Pratama aka Ebie (Indonesia)
E: [email protected]

Augustine Nezumi (Singapore)
E: [email protected]

July Arthaya (Indonesia)
E: [email protected]

Feroze McLeod (Singapore)
E: [email protected]

Ade Itameda (Netherlands)
E: [email protected]

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