Ink & Drink @ Palate Palette

Being a fan of tattoos as well as the drink, this writer headed down to Palate Palette last Wednesday to check out the launch of its latest weekly event dedicated to body art. Ink & Drink definitely proved that the old stereotype that tattoos are only for ganstas, bikers and sailors is long gone, as the night provided a chill and bohemian vibe. The entertainment and the crowd were as eclectic and enjoyable as the décor of this fine establishment.

The night kicked off with the belly dancing of Nanci the bohemian barbie, who was appropriately tattoo’d herself. Vandal hit the mic to lay some sweet rhymes on us. Palate was also premiering it’s new acquisition of Guinness and Sol, which was welcomed by all.

From belly dancing, the smooth vocal styling’s of Vandal and a live tattooing, there was something for everyone. There were drink specials for the tattoo’d but if you don’t have one, fret not, as they are giving them away!

Every month, Palate Palette features one tattoo studio. This month it’s Blackcat Studios, who are offering a free tattoo once a week. All you have to do is write in with your idea and why you deserve a free tattoo and one lucky winner gets to be tattoo’d at the next Ink and Drink.

Upstairs, the boys from Blackcat Tattoo Studio prepared and sterilized the area and gave one party goer a token they would never forget. While I wanted to stay around and watch the action, I find the sound of a tattoo gun less than soothing, so hats off to the lucky winner. You’re braver than I.

For a chill, bohemian vibe, check out the next Ink & Drink, every Wednesday at Palate Palette. Check out the snaps from the night here.