Aubrey Plaza Channels a Crazed Social Media Fan in Her Latest Film

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There’s something unsettling about Aubrey Plaza’s deadpan humour that we can’t quite figure out. Ever since she starred in Parks and Recreation alongside comical figures like Amy Poehler and Chris Pratt, Plaza has become somewhat of a “spirit animal” for those who can relate to her absurd indifference to just about anything. It’s no surprise to see movie producers transform her usual stoic persona into a mentally challenged character like the titular Ingrid Thorburn in Ingrid Goes West, a deranged woman who develops an unhealthy obsession towards the ever-so-perfect Taylor Sloane, played by Elizabeth Olsen. Ingrid constantly mistakes ‘likes’ for meaningful relationships, living a life that revolves around stalking people and their so-called perfect lives. Her initial tactics were subtle, until the storyline develops a darker plot that sees Ingrid doing drastic things just to befriend her social media idol Taylor. In an age where every aspect of our life can be perfected through an Instagram post, it leaves us to question whether Ingrid is just a victim of our social media driven society, or is Taylor the one who’s lying to herself?

Check out the trailer below to see bits of the Sundance-winner film that features O’Shea Jackson (in case you didn’t know that Ice Cube’s son can act):

Jokes aside, social media obsession and mental illness is a serious disorder that should be treated. Read up on our piece about depression here to get educated. 

Ingrid Goes Well will be released in theatres on 11 August in the US. No international dates as of yet.