Indiego & Co. Pres. The Editors


Disclaimer: We aren’t talking about the British rock band, The Editors.

Three editors (yes, they meant it quite literally) of prestigious lifestyle titles have joined forces to attempt to spin at KOL hotspot, Frangipani, this Saturday. Who are The Editors, you ask? First up we have former Fashion Editor of this very title, Miranda Yeoh, now of fame. She’s the one with the bright peroxide hair and a tattoo sleeve–you’ve seen her around, for sure. Then there are The Wknd‘s very own Fikri Fadzil and Arif Ramly, both of whom have been working their ass off to bring the music scene in Southeast Asia to a higher level, so you better recognise. The last member of the lineup is Alif Omar Mahfix aka AOM (pictured above), current editor of JUICE Magazine. We can’t say much about him without sounding biased but it’s safe to say that he’s going to be the most entertaining (and embarrassing to all of us involved in this title). That is all.

We don’t actually know what kind of music they’ll be playing, but what’s life without surprises?

Date Saturday 2 May ’15
Time 10pm
Venue Frangipani

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