Indie Rock Coloring Book

Colouring books make no sense. Sure they’re designed for children, but even then the little buggers can’t draw within the damn lines. And they use stupid colours to illustrate stuff like their on drugs too – rock: purple; sky: orange; monkey: pink. Plus, just how many pictures of psychedelic ponies and teddy bears do we have to look at before it gets tired. Well Indie rockers and tykes with taste can now clap their hands and say yeah because ‘The Indie Rock Coloring Book’ is born! And it features the work of MGMT, Bon Iver and more….

Similar in concept to the Gangsta Rap Coloring Book by Aye Jaye Morano which JUICE highlighted several years back (he also created the Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book), The Indie Rock Colouring Book is the brainchild of the Yellow Bird Project, a non-profit group that works closely with a range of indie rock musicians to create unique tees that benefit various charities of choice.

Illustrator Andy J. Miller, collaborated with a bunch of music artists including Iron & Wine, Bloc Party, The National, Bon Iver, MGMT, Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah, Broken Social Scene and Devendra Banhart to produce this unique expression of art and music. It includes over 25 hand-illustrated designs.

The website reads: “Wiggle yourself through the intricate Broken Social Scene maze, marvel in the colourful carnival of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, color Bon Iver’s enchanted water supply, or slide down the psychedelic playground of MGMT. Profits from this colourful venture will go towards our project and the charities we support, ensuring amazingly fresh new artists and their tee-shirts will be available for your purchasing pleasure!

It also says: “This book is a sure fire pleaser. Oh and no rules here, we even encourage you stay outside the lines!” Bah.

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