Incubus Live in KL

2011 proved to be the year of concerts for us! MGMT, Diplo, Hurts, Eyes Set To Kill, LMFAO, Daedulus, deadmau5, The Whitest Boy Alive… the list goes on. Most of these international acts were making their debut in KL. But on Saturday 23 July 2011, we had internationally acclaimed rock band Incubus performing at Stadium Negara once again in full glory.

Image Khalil Makata / Jennifer Thompson / Pineapple Concerts

Their first album since their five year-long hiatus, If Not Now, When? (released just a week before) might have divided fans due to the vastly different approach in sound, but that did not deter fans in Malaysia from turning up in masses to support their favourite band. Organized by Tune Talk and Pineapple Concerts, this year marks the band’s third time playing in Malaysian shores, having played back in 2004 and 2008.

Fans lined up as early as 4pm and braved the cold drizzle in hopes of getting first entry to the venue. The rain hardly dampened the mood as they cheered at every camera pointed at their direction. Fortunately the gates opened at 6.30pm and 5000 fans rushed towards the free standing arena in hopes of getting the best view of the show.

The concert kicked off with Tune Talk’s ‘Open 4 Incubus Band Competition’ winners Rosevelt, which consists of Nick Davis on vocals, Bryan Chin on drums, Kushal Kumar on bass, as well as guitarists Joshua Desmond and Jeffery Wong. Nick attempted to increase the excitement of the crowds, but judging by the rather weak reception, it’s obvious that the audience were saving up their energy for the quintet from Los Angeles. Nonetheless, the band performed a total of six songs, with Davis mimicking and crooning in resemblance to Brandon Boyd.

As soon as Incubus got on stage, the crowd wasted no time rushing forward and sandwiching each other. Apart from some very inconsiderate individuals who were smoking in the middle of the crowd, most were courteous in letting the girls go in front so that they would not get hurt during the performance. Vocalist Brandon Boyd, guitarist Mike Einziger, drummer Jose Pasillas, bassist Ben Kenney and DJ Chris Kilmore drove the crowds wild as they took the stage and kicked off with a blistering performance of ‘Megalomaniac’ followed by ‘Wish You Were Here’.

Throughout the show, Brandon said very few words in between songs, mostly just thanking the crowds and introducing the next song. Incubus isn’t known to have the art of connecting with the fans during their live shows, but rather leaving that part to their pitch perfect performance of the songs.

The venue wasn’t as packed as it was back in 2004 and some might say that Incubus isn’t worth paying 203 bucks, but they obviously don’t have the same level of fandom as those who were there on Saturday. Nonetheless, it was an amazing experience for their diehard fans as Incubus performed hits from all of their previous and current records like ‘Anna Molly’, ‘Glass’, ‘Pardon Me’ and the unforgettable debut that kicked off the band’s 20 year-long career, ‘Drive’.

Wish You Were Here
Pardon Me
Have You Ever?
Nowhere Fast
Anna Molly
Talk Shows on Mute

The Warmth
Nice To Know You

JUICE would like to thank Tune Talk and Pineapple Concerts for bringing Incubus back for an unforgettable night at Stadium Negara. For photos, check out our gallery.