In An Absolut World @ Absolut Love Art Gallery

Some say John Lennon was a dreamer. And looks like he’s not the only one. Absolut Vodka recently launched their latest campaign aimed at creating acts of kindness by supporting thought-provoking art.

Image Absolut Vodka

It’s good to know that the Swedish alcohol brand was doing something different instead of just flying in the latest hotshot DJ and coming up with juts another theme party.

I got to their media launch at the Absolut Love Art Gallery at 19 Jalan Berangan in KL. Drinks were already being served and without much hesitation, I sat down next to The Thirsty Blogger and caught up. A pretty girl came up to me and asked me to fill out my details on a small card. There was a slogan to be completed at the bottom: “In an Absolut World…”

Again, without thinking much about it I wrote,”… no one gets hurt and everyone gets drunk.” My name was called as the third and final winner of a special mystery gift, which turned out to be the Absolut Mini Bar – a stylish plastic container which had a bottle of Absolut in it. When opened, this ‘mini bar’ had separate compartments to hold garnishes and ice. But enough about what I won and how fast I finished it.

Absolut’s Absolut Love campaign is scheduled to run over a month’s period with several parties at the trendiest hotspots on Changkat Bukit Bintang, culminating in a spectacular wrap-party at Frangipani on 12 November. DJs you should expect to hear at these parties are India’s lovely DJ Sangeeta, TAG’s DJ Bunga and DJ Tirso from Singapore.

Another highlight of the Absolut World campaign is a mural painting project which is supposed to encapsulate artists’ interpretations of their Absolut World. 2 of the artists selected by Absolut were there that night. Liew Kwai Fei and Ise (the founder of Projectparking) displayed their outsider art and chatted with curious journalists. I was too dumbfounded by my new mini bar to ask questions though. I had a look at their art and felt lonely. Maybe it was just the drinks.

The mural painting will proceed throughout 26 October to 11 November and be unveiled at Frangipani on 12 Nov. The closing party also at Frangipani follows on 13 and 14 November. So if you’re looking for love, check out for event details.

In An Absolut World started on 15 October 2009 at Absolut Love Art Gallery, 19 Jalan Berangan. Feel the love in our gallery.