Imogen Heap: Ellipse (Sony / Megaphonic)

The former frontwoman of Frou Frou returns with her 3rd solo album. And while many might cringe at the thought of another electro Goddess (God only knows how many there are already), Ellipse shows that Imogen does not employ gadget trickery to get away with lack of content.

As one fan commented on, She not only shows mastery in every genre of music she touches, but has created a new one in the process. The 31-year-old Londoner pays impeccable attention to detail in every song as she weaves her sparkling, sensuous layers making Ellipse a noteworthy contender for Female Album of the Year.

It kicks off with the aptly titled, electro pop ‘First Train Home’. A couple of lush harmonies later, on the acapella-driven ‘Earth’, she takes out the trash that comes in the form of an unloving person and tells him/her that you ‘get only what you give back’. The self-conscious Imogen is further explored on ‘Bad Body Double’, a delicate rant about our beauty-obsessed society. If you’re looking for something cutting-edge but still grounded, Imogenity should be your new religion.

Listen to: ‘Earth’
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