i’m guessing you’re not so thrilled it’s monday

Hey. Don’t stress yourself out. (Any more than you already have.) It happens, trust me. Monday is the bane of human existence for just about 95% of the population over 18. The remaining 5% is comprised of freelance artists with direct access to Daddy’s bank account and corporate figureheads who singlehandedly built their companies from scratch oh say 75 years ago but since the hostile takeover in ’98 are reduced to signing ceremonies and long, long days down by the fairway.

Aaaaaanyway. To somewhat ease your work week pain, I present to you the best remedy for the doldrums known to man: cute Youtube videos.


Okay this isn’t really cute. Weird Al Yankovic pulls an R Kelly. Class.


Now this. This is cute. AFUNDI indeed.



P.S.: Did anyone get caught up in last night’s storm? Traffic was murder. I felt like it was a Friday night how all the major roads were jammed up like that. Yes my work week started early. Anyone else got diverted from Jalan Duta because of the landslide?