I’m From Barcelona: 27 Songs From Barcelona (EMI)

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They’re not actually from Spain, but there are 27 of them. Yes, 27 eclectic musicians (led by Emanuel Lundgren) that form the band from Jönköping, Sweden. And on their 3rd studio album, they literally do as the title suggest.

Inspired by Kiss releasing 4 solo albums simultaneously in 1978, Emanuel got every single member of his band to produce a solo recording, resulting in this whopping triple album that clocks over an hour and a half. The songs vary according to the musicians’ individual quirks, from uplifting electronica (‘Lower My Head’) to jazzy piano instrumental (‘Alice In Wonderland’) to short and sweet indie pop (‘But Hey Even Though Your Horses Went Away’) to noise fudge (‘Silence’). But the clear chart potential track comes from Tina Gardenstrand’s ‘Baby Let’s Go’ which, with a twee summer chorus, is as Swedish as Barcelona can get.

If you’re going to travel the world, take this album with you – there’s bound to be a song for each city you visit.

LISTEN TO: ‘Baby Let’s Go’
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Download 27 Songs From Barcelona at www.imfrombarcelona.com.


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