Be Part of the Problem with Illuminatus, a Conspiracy-Themed Satirical Board Game

Remember all the Illuminati conspiracy theories we were warned about? Well, an Australian-based company called Dark Mushroom Games has translated all its knowledge regarding conspiracy theories to a satirical board game entitled Illuminatus. In this game, players will be part of the undoubtedly legit secret society and the objective is to rule the world by controlling it with as many distractions and false problems.

Issues include using oil to leverage your country’s safety, maintaining your country’s economic stability using pharmaceutical companies, increasing your personal wealth by monetising off a war à la Dick Cheney, and orchestrating attacks to make it seem like it was done by a terrorist group when it was really planned by a government organisation (#BushDid911). There are many more alternative facts to fuel your paranoia – Trump probably wouldn’t label them as fake news.

Watch the video below for more insight to the game:

Dark Mushroom Games is currently seeking funds to produce its board game to the masses. The goal is to reach AU$ 75,000 (est. RM 246,641) and there are currently 162 backers who have pledged a total of AU$ 20,816 (est. RM 68 454). There are 19 days left to pledge to this project, you can contribute to the game here.