Before JUICE became this pinnacle of popularity, we had an imaginary friend. Bob looked like a bear and made a lot of mess but he split around the time our voice changed. Which was too bad cause then things really started to get crazy. Then not too long ago we heard about these enigmatic light creatures. Inspired by the PikaPika light doodling of various Japanese light animation crews (this is the best we’ve seen so far:, but mostly Michael Bosanko’s mysterious light beings, JUICE contacted Wheel Love and asked if they could help us seek out these “illuminati”. So with a camera at hand like spies for hire, Wheel Love skulked around some of the city’s dark scary places and waved their arms around like madmen in the hopes of attracting the attentions of these shy light creatures. This is a rare glimpse. Next time you’re out, bring a torchlight and a camera, you could make a new friend. Oh and if you do, tell them to say hi to Bob.

To find out what else Wheel Love have been up to, go to

Get inspired, check the work of the light graffiti of the following artists:
Also check Flicker for Illum, Recycle Bean, Paul Excoff, MRI, Mishel Churkin and Lapp-pro.