Iggy Pop: Preliminaires (Astralwerks / Virgin)

Iggy Iggy Iggy? What have you done? The illustrious shock-rocking pioneer has, well, shocked his fans once again by releasing a jazz album inspired by Michel Houellebecq’s novel La Possibilité d’une île (The Possibility of an Island). Pop has also reportedly admitted that this album is his response to being “sick of listening to idiot thugs with guitars banging out crappy music”. Whether things are getting too loud for the 62-year-old is questionable, as Préliminaires has its share of electro boogies (‘Je Sais Que Tu Sais’ and ‘Party Time’) and rockouts (‘Nice To Be Dead’). But overall, this is a jazzy New Orleans affair. Try it. It might not be Raw Power but it’s worth a listen.