Ideas In A Box

Of all the fashion knick-knacks and coolness-related stuff at the recent Arts For Grabs at the Annexe Gallery, this discreet little red box was the one item in particular that caught our eye. Like a pack of cigarettes, the Box of Ideas came with a printed warning saying “Ideas are addictive”. Okay, so bring it on!

Yes, we understand that ideas may cause the downfall of capitalism or plunge a person into the depths of neurosis. But the temptation to peek into one was too great and for the price of a normal pack of ciggies, why not?

What we found inside were a bunch of laminated cards. Some of these cards sorta had ideas expressed on them while others were purely self-indulgent attempts to provoke. One card’s idea was just to “get fat” and “dance”. Nonetheless, they were all entertaining.

Of course, there were educational cards offering advice on what to do when stopped by the police and also one that suggested we should tick the “lain-lain” box and write Malaysian when asked to specify our race. But amongst the “political” cards, Dina Zaman’s “How to become rich, join UMNO” takes the cake. It even ends with a sarcastic “God loves you.”

Though not all the ideas are practical, you can’t really compare Box of Ideas to a nicotine fix. Still, some of them might stick in semi-vacant minds until it’s time for a lobotomy. And that’ll be sometime tomorrow?

Box of Ideas was initiated by labDNA and brought to you by Sze Ying Goh, Amri Abu Kassim, Nani Kahar, Tshiung Han See and Elaine Foster. For more info checkout and join their facebook group at Write to them at [email protected].