LISTEN: Ichu Confronts His Demons and Angels on GOD MAKES US CLUMSY

Like his other internet contemporaries, Ichu’s GOD MAKES US CLUMSY is a stealth release – there’s no telling when these cats would drop a new record. A 7-tracker, the album encompasses the sort of sound we’ve come to expect from the CLUMSYBOYS crew; from the straight-up minimal trap house banger of ‘Kys’ to the headbanging post-rap rock tune ‘Cursed (feat. Po)’ – think Bones – which immediately proceeds to move to the melodic autotune a la Scandinavian rap of ‘Alone (feat. Sarah Hanan)’. There’s more polish to the tracks here unlike Ichu’s previous releases (often dubbed ‘demos’), and the guest spots this time around actually contribute to its overall quality. Faztheodd’s Slick Rick-esque cadence is an inspired choice in a record so indebted to internet rap, and Sarah Hanan’s spoken word deserves a shout out just for the Kancil reference alone.

Stream it below:

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