Ice ’em, Remy!

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No, it’s not the latest in Mafia execution or a trendy new dance move. The Iceboxx is actually a brand new way to enjoy Remy Martin, that fine champagne cognac.

“Cognac?” you say. “Wasn’t that the stuff that my grandpa drank as he told WWII stories from his rocking chair?”

Okay. So the idea of drinking cognac sniffed by old people might not be your idea of how to spend Saturday nights. Enter The Iceboxx by Remy Martin.

Currently making its tour around the hippest bars and clubs in town, this uber sexy device freezes the fine champagne cognac to a chilling minus 18°C. The Ice Boxx cognac is then served in shot-glasses – as opposed to traditional brandy sniffers – so you can down it like the party-starter you are!

Although the cognac goes down easy, it still imparts a minor belly burn. However, thanks to the Iceboxx’s extreme temperature, it’s less firey compared to what your grandpa had to skull, so no whining, take it like a man (or woman)! There’s an initial explosion of aromatic flavours, when the drink hits your palette, which ends with its trademark smoothness. So look for the Ice Boxx the next time your out and about. Grandpa’s got his, now you’ve got yours.

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