I Love Vodka @ Red Square

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Imagine walking into a club where all the waiters are behind masks and serving you shots of pure vodka in  lab test-tubes. You say “Weird”, we say “Give us the vodka”!

Make no mistake, the JUICE team pride ourselves as alcohol connoisseurs and always welcome vodka, but the setup reminded us of a high school masquerade party, albeit a really cool one. The row of bartenders flaring and doing their thang, combined with the free-flow of vodka infused cocktails, tabletop dancing, and booming music will make you let your hair down and go crazy!

Too bad for those who only planned to stay for an hour or 2. We were served a new cocktail every hour, and just like the rest of the crowd, the JUICE team was excited to find out what new drink would be in store for us each time the clock chimed. After knocking back some drinks, some partygoers gathered enough bravado to get on the table, make like Gaga and just dance!

I Love Vodka was held at Red Square on 16 April 2009. Check out our gallery for more party piccies.

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