i heart JUICE dj quest

Ignore the still active banner on the right of your screen (note: this information was accurate at time of writing) because it’s over. And if you missed it, then what can I say? The invites were free, the drinks were plentiful and the DJs were hot, thanks to the quality control on our end.

Crowd and judges’ favourite was Ben Cracko and his phat mix of old school beats. Way to go, Ben! DJs scheduled later had a good thing going for them coz the club only started filling up past the 12 o’clock mark, but whaddyagonnado? To the other finalists, the only words of consolation I can offer you are – certain studies have shown that the state of inebriation can cause impairment to judgment (see: Coyote Ugly). But you know what? You guys did great and deserve a hearty pat on the back for even reaching the finals. We at JUICE are a tough crowd to please.

Look out for the next Heineken Music-sponsored event coming this month. It’s got the KL club scene all abuzz.